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Would you be upset if you send a happy birthday and you received no answer ?


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No, I understand that people get busy on their birthdays. They have dinner and drinks with those nearest and dearest to them. They might have a little office party at work. They might be depressed and have their phone turned off and have stayed in bed all day. Who knows? Try not to let it get to you.

Nope, they have probably been bombarded with good wishes for their birthday and may not have the time to reply. But you have been a good friend for wishing them a happy birthday and your msg would have given them a smile and made them feel loved for sure. When I get bday messages I do try to reply but it gets hard when you are at work or busy with kids and life etc.

It's my bday today and I've received a heap of happy birthdays. I have responded to all of the messages throughout the day but fb is a little overwhelming ATM. I will do that in the morning.

 How old are you?
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 At least with fb you can just do a general post to thank everyone for their birthday wishes without having to respond to each one (not that you have to do that at all, it's just easier than having to individually thank everyone).
To answer OP question - no. Although it is nice to get an acknowledgement, people can get busy. At least you took the time to send a birthday message. Leave it at that.

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Depends on how they are as a friend overall. I have been really sick on my birthday and couldnt reply to messages til later.