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3 wishes

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Wish that everyone would grow a brain, see that global warming and climate change is real, and do their bit to reduce their own personal carbon footprint, and that big corporations and big business would stop burning through resources and polluting the planet, and we would stop this capitalist mentality and would make changes to have green/clean power!
This shouldn't even be a wish, because we all have the power to make these changes but refuse to because we're so used to convenience and greed.
What will you tell your children when they ask why you didn't fight to help preserve their future planet?

 Get off your soap box. The planet is fine. Stop buying into this money making media beat up you call climate change
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 Good lord
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 People need to realise that our carbon footprint means nothing
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 I'm sure millions of people would beg to differ ^^
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Good sleep every night, a house that cleans itself, children that listen

 Amen to that πŸ™
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 Lol children that listen πŸ˜‚ what a fantasy
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3 more wishes

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Never ending packet of Tim tams

 How original
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15cm more height, a beautiful smile and good health.

Large bank account with lots of $'s, design & build my house at no expense and personal chef.

1. Perfect body without having to work out or diet!

2. Fix all my husband's health problems. Priorities, lol. To be fair they're not serious problems, just minor ongoing issues that nobody seems to be able to explain/fix.

3. Enough money coming in from investments so we can live comfortably without having to work unless we want to.

Dream home in a street with homes for my family and friends not quite a commune but a community

Wish 1 - To have my immediate family and best friends live forever in perfect health and always loving what they see in the mirror.

Unlimited money so I can fix world problems and live the life I want forever. Donating to cover costs of living for wish 1.

Wish 3 - Have direct access to everyone in Heaven and be able to come and go there as I please. I want to be able to catch up with anyone I want whenever I want and to have Jesus give me advice on demand

 Lol. But you know money doesn’t fix problems!
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 As part of wish 1 you'd probably want to say you can live until you no longer want to. There may be a point where you don't want to be alive any more (not in a horrible way, but just done with life).
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 You'd have to wish heaven was real in that case
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Enough money to love comfortably and look after all of my family, health for all of my loved ones, and to be able to find my true calling in life

A pay rise, health for family and friends and my dream home.

Since this lockdown started, I have told myself happiness is a state of mind to be grateful for what I have and to live to help and think of others. I don’t need three wishes. What I want is within my control.

 Have you been reading the secret?
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 No I have wanted to though is that what it says?
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 The secret is bullshit. If it were true billions of people world wide could think their way out of poverty and starvation.
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To be pain free and healthy
World peace forever
And of course to have my dream job so I can eaarn enough to not scrimp by.