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Kids, bus rides and walking.

As a kid, I rode to school from a young age and I know in my area there are a few stray kids doing this, or atleast one catching the 10min bus to school(about 25min walk). What age would you feel comfortable, are you influenced by what exactly? Mine is fear, but I feel that they are very aware of cars atleast, and have healthy anxiety and it would be a good step for them to start becoming more self sufficient. I hate the idea of keeping them from being self sufficiency because of news stories.. etc. Anyone else bite the bullet? What age? Did you feel you were going against the grain? In my area parents are helicopters and driving is known..


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Son started walking at 8, usually with a couple of others, sometimes alone. About a 20 minute walk.

My kids are only little, so not at the age where they would be able to catch a bus or walk on their own yet anyway, but I really don't know when i'l feel ok with them getting to places on their own. Its not them I don't trust, it's other people. They can be fine a thousand times but it would take just one assault or bad incident to ruin their lives or loose them forever. So I prefer to be over cautious than to risk something happening to them

I would be too worried. Possibly if they walked with a few other kids too.

 But do you think it would be good for them? Do you really think there are horrible people at every corner who would never help them? On the buses when I was catching from high school I just remember all the business people around..I would imagine the mornings and 3pms would have those people, no?
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 I think it would be good for them, but it's easy to say that as it's a long way off. I do worry about horrible people. I think how you are feeling is normal, you just need to find a balance of keeping kids safe and giving them some independence.
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 Yes there will be lots of business people. Maybe catch the bus with the kids for a while. Then buy a wig and follow them!
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Mine started walking to school without me when they were 10, 8 and 7. Before that we didn't live close enough to the school so it wasn't an option. The rule has always been that they stay together. Now the oldest is in high school she catches a bus on her own. It's at the end of our street and there are always other kids there so I know she isn't alone. It worries me more when she wants to go to friends houses after school and gets a later bus home but I know I did it at her age. We have had a lot of talks about things to watch out for and what to do if she doesn't feel safe. My son who is 10 is allowed to walk to his mates houses in our estate but if he needs to cross a main road I have always taken him. We have discussed once he is 11 he will be able to ride further to visit friends.

My anxiety is slightly higher, and I constantly think my kids have been kidnapped if they are a little late home, or if I hear sirens while they are riding I think the worst. The kids have scootered, biked, walked, or caught the bus themselves since about 7, and now two in high and one in primary and they seem reasonably able to get themselves around the neighbourhood - to mates places, the supermarket, cinema, skate park, local fishing and yabbying spots etc. I remember doing that kind of stuff as a kid too although my dad was super strict on home time and I was always grounded for being home even 5 minutes late lol.
No one wants anything to happen to their kids, but we can't isolate them to protect them and deny them life experiences

 So op here, you’re my hero. Obviously what you fear is what I’m fearing here, though I can’t help feel like it’s programmed more from horrible media coverage and so I don’t want to admit it.. I find it conflicting when other mums say all this stuff so openly as the reason they would ‘never’ let their kids go, because I do agree its anxiety inducing but I also want my kids to experience that freedom,how could I hold that from them? Can I ask your advice for tips when you started out allowing? Mine is 7.. how did you ease into it?? Thanks for your response
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