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Weekly meal rotation

Whats on your dinner menu for the week? I will absolutely be stealing ideas because at this point, if I have to look at another bolognese or curry again I may vomit (they've been on our menu for the last month).


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Not really a meal plan but these meals are in regular rotation for us.

chicken schnitzels and veg
corned beef and veg
egg and bacon pie with salad
breakfast for dinner - bacon, eggs, hash browns etc
beef casserole
beef stroganoff
stir fry - chicken and beef are a favourite for us
homemade pizzas
grilled chicken and veg
soups - different kinds, great for this time of year

We had baked potatoes the other night. Kale coleslaw (mix from aldi) with onion and bacon and dour cream. The kids had it with grated carrot and cheese. Very taste and easy. Roast chicken is always a hit in our house.

Seasoned chicken and salad wraps, satay chicken patties, beef stroganoff, pineapple chicken, pad thai, beef and broccoli pasta, tuna and rice bake, risotto, cornish pasties, vegetable sausage rolls, quiche, kebabs, parmigana and pizzas. Mine is a fornight meal plan. All home made.

 Wow that’s a great menu I’ll steal from that too 😀
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Beef stir fry
Bolognese 🤣
Honey soy chicken /vermicelli chicken salad for adults
Lamb chevaps
Satay chicken skewers