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What do you do when your older kids have friends over???

I’m new to this and I just sit and watch tv and potter around the house. (My daughter is 6)
Any tips??


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I live in a small town. My kids have friends over literally every day so I don't bother to supervise (to a point) or do activities with them very much as they keep themselves entertained and when they get bored of my place they move on to the next mates house and so on..... they are all around the same age - between 7 and 10 - and they all go to the same school so they basically just hang out and do what kids do. I'll throw some fruit or chips or snacks/drinks at them on occasion but I do my own thing, clean, cook, watch telly - whatever. As long as the kids are happy then so am I.

Set up art, lego, toys. Make them snacks, let them choose a movie. Okay with balls in the backyard

6 yeat olds still need a bit of supervision, you know... so they dont cut each others hair or start a fire playing kitchen games lol just do what you do but keep your ears out too and ask if they're hungry now and then.

You are boring
Do housework
Cook food
Stop being a helicopter parent

 Really helpful advice, not!
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