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Why do women glare back when you smile at them on the street?

I am just trying to be friendly and kind but feel like women (especially other mums) shoot me dark looks when I smile at them.


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Why is she smiling at me? Do I have something on my face? Do I look fat in this? Does it make me look silly? She is laughing at me. Do I know her?
These are some of the thoughts that I have had when a stranger has smiled at me. It's not the fault of the person smiling at me but my own insecurites/depression/anxiety at play. You can't always be sure where people are at. Please don't take it personally and stop doing it. I think that it is lovely.

Resting bitch face ..... they may or may not know they've been inflicted

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They're probably just zombie-ing through their day because their kids and husbands have slowly killed their soul for several years now and they don't have any energy for social cues.
That's me anyway.

They've died inside

 Yep, this has been me. Within the space of a few years, I nursed both my parents through their terminal illnesses, & was there when they passed away. In the midst of caring for each parent & taking care of all their paperwork, my husband had an affair. (Before anyone gets started, I didn't neglect him, our kids, house or business). Part of me died, I have never been my bubbly self again.
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 ^^^ hugs to you.
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I would smile back. I frequently smile at random strangers mainly women because men can be creepy.

I smile at everyone, don’t care if they smile back.

 So do I. I actually find most people do smile back
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Apologies, this may have been me! Haha, I usually wear glasses but sometimes I leave them at home or in the car. My husband always growls me for glaring at people/things but it's because I legit just can't see and I'm squinting my eyes for better vision

Omg i was just thinking this today. I smile at complete strangers all the time and hardly anyone ever smiles back. When they do though it makes my day 😊😊😊😚😚😚😚

They are either a bitch or probably trying to work out where they know you from and remember your name. I’ve done it before β€œoh f**k who is that? Alright if she wants to have a chat what does she look like her name is? Jane, is it Jane? No, Janet, it has to be something starting with a J. Oh please don’t talk to me. I can’t remember you.”