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I'm feeling pregnant but a test said negative

I finished my period 24/7. I've had sex multiple times since then.
I'm not trying to get pregnant but the last couple of days my stomach has has a dull ache and today I've had pulling in my stomach. I remember this feeling from my other pregnancies. I don't have any other symptoms except maybe a bit more gassy and using the toilet more. But I'm not sold on those last two.
I did a test today out of curiosity but of course it came up negative.
Surely it's too early to feel the stomach feelings?
Am I going mad?


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Could be a later ovulation? The start of your next period? Or maybe implantation pains but still too early for a test to show positive. Unfortunately only time will tell!

For those that answered my question, thank you. I did find out I was pregnant. But unfortunately miscarried a week ago.

 I'm sorry to hear *hugs*
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 Sorry for your loss.
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 So sorry to hear that :(
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Are you pregnant?

OP It's not confirmed yet. Just waiting a few more days to do another test. I still feel pregnant though and nauseous most of the morning.
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I had that pulling feeling with both my pregnancies, and could “sense” their personalities immediately. Weirdest feeling.
And that would have been within a day or so from conception.
I assumed later that the pulling was the uterus sorting out it’s position for the baby to grow.
I think that sometimes you just know.

I don't think it's too early. I knew pretty early on with my pregnancies. You feel different.
I remember my last, I went to the doctor and asked for a pregnancy test, she asked when my period was supposed to start, I told her it's due next week. Once she finished laughing she ran the test and it came out positive. Honestly, it was my 6th or so pregnancy, I know what my body does. Just as YOU know your body best. Get the doctors to test you if you're in a hurry to find out.