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What kind of marriage do some women have hiding purchases or have a post box at post office or deliveries to friends or families address

See it on a knitting group


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Because their husband thinks it’s perfectly fine to buy whatever the f**k they want but scrutinise every last purchase their wife makes and it is exhausting and much easier to make it so you don’t have to justify every last dollar you spend. I throw receipts straight in the bin because I got so ducking tired of watching my husband check them over every time I get groceries. I work and keep this fu****g house hold together and although he doesn’t say so, his behaviour would indicate that he thinks I’m some gold digger who is out to spend all his money on myself. I haven’t been to the hair dresser in 5 years, do all my own maintenance myself, never go anywhere unless it’s with him and the kids ffs

 Then maybe it's time to get a new husband
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 I can relate to this comment. My husband, whilst not to the extreme of checking receipts, also scrutinises all my spending. It's easy for others, outside of the marriage, to say "oh get rid of him". But it's not easy to break your own heart. Especially when it's over a silly thing like money. I love my husband. Even when he gets upset that I've spent money on things we didn't discuss first. Like god forbid I buy a coffee or take the kids out spontaneously.
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 My partner tried to do the whole "do you really need that" when we first started living together. My reply was "maybe I do, maybe I don't. But I sure as hell don't need you so don't question my spending or f**k off." Hasn't tried it again since lol.
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 Yep this us to a degree too. Not leaving but don’t find it necessary to be scrutinised over my spending when he spends and I don’t see his acc or see what he’s spending on. So who cares if I buy stuff I want and don’t tell him. I don’t hide it I just don’t say what I’ve bought or price cos I don’t care to hear his thoughts on it. I don’t give him attitude when he buys something I don’t want or think is necessary!
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 OP this comment- no, not going to leave him because he is Scrooge McDuck 😂.He is wonderful in many ways, but when it comes to finances, it has always been Tricky. Before We had our kids, we kept money seperate (even after we got married) so it was never an issue.I saved enough $ (along with getting paI’d parental leave)to have 12months off after our 1st was born&there after have worked reduced hours&make a lot less money, so I can Do lions share of looking after the kids.Childcare is my responsibility to organise, as are school drop offs and pick ups &at the beginning he seemed to be blind to the fact that the reason I earned less $ was because I was taking care of OUR kids and sacrificing any disposable income for myself, while he was still buying what he wanted but thinking it was ok because he covered the mortgage.I Told him that we needed to combine finances &have 50/50 control or I would leave him.Atleast then I would be paid child support and have every 2nd weekend off 😂
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addictions bring shame with them.

 A knitting addiction?
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My neighbour is a 60 year old male and rents my shed for his model train collection
He has 100 and goes in shed when wife is out
He has 20 trains at home and wife said one more train I am leaving you

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 Maybe a spending addiction
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I don't hide it I just don't tell him. We both work,
have seperate bank accounts and live separately due to his wasteful, overspending selfish bs but If he thinks it's OK to spend in excess of $300 a week on smokes,alcohol and coffee n toasties on the way to work site, then winges he's broke for the rest of the week, then I can spend money on myself be it a coffee on the way to work at 5.30 am, or getting acrylic nails done or what ever the f**k want... Right now I'm buying MYSELF a $300 puppy for MY BIRTHDAY coz I can, it's my birthday present and he can go fk himself if he thinks his opinion matters

 What a weird marriage
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I work with a lady who does this and has done for years. I swear she only works to feed her online shopping habit! She’s in her early 60’s. Dunno what she’ll do when she retires and has to have them sent home to hubby. We always joke to her she’ll have to pop in every week to see us and pick up her contraband haha

You saw it on a knitting group so its older ladies doing this I assume? Men traditionally control the money and even though now women earn their own money some men are still horrible. I'm discovering this with my partner, we have most of our money separate but he still asks if I won lotto when I buy something for myself, even a chocolate bar. I never question what he spends his money on. We put our money together once when we went overseas and he was constantly watching what I was buying, couldn't even get my eyebrows waxed before going to a wedding he's so stingey. I will never share money with him again.

 I'll add that he smokes a pack of smokes a day, a carton a week and probably $50 pot a month! But my $20 eyebrow wax was too much 😂
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 The ladies are around 35 to 50
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 Some of them still fit into that era, its a slow process changing society views.
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If husband has noticed wife has spent a ridiculous fortune of items of a similar nature and asked her to stop as that's money they could save, but she hides it instead, I would be under impression she has spending addiction and fulfilling her own spending needs are more important than her husband

 Is it though? Or just maybe buying things that are meaningful to her that Husband may find 0 value in. Therefore she thinks it money well spent and he thinks it’s money wasted.....
Just saying.

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 My husband buys fishing shit all the time and so long as its not cutting into money that needs to go on bills or being spent on drugs or prostitutes that's fine to me. He doesn't question whatever I spend money on either, unless I was spending into money that was for groceries or rent or mortgage or car repayment or kiss schooling etc. If I was constantly spending more than I really should be or vice versa and it was effecting our money then it would be an issue! And then if we asked the other to stop spending so much but they just got sneaky about it, getting things delivered to another address, that's a whole other level of dishonesty in the marriage.
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Yeah it's weird.
I feel like its either a DV relationship, or their are some really deceitful women around.

I know. I kinda hate my husband but wouldn’t hide how much shit I buy