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Hate my husband's beard

My husband has decided to grow a beard and i am not a fan. The problem is he is growing a course bushy hobo beard thats just like pupes on his face. I have tried suggesting he groom it a bit but just being stubborn.
Anyone else have husbands with beards you hate? How can i get him to shave it.


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I hate my husbands beard. I get that it’s his face and he doesn’t tell me how to wear my hair etc but I’m just not attracted to him. It’s makes me sad sometimes because he is so handsome underneath. It has been about a year since he “trimmed it”. Wish I can add a picture from nephews wedding we just attended.

I am in the same situation. I love my husband but I hate his beard. It’s long, white and ages him 15 years. 😞 He doesn’t care that I hate it. We haven’t had sex in months. We barely kiss. I’m trying to meet him half way. I read all about beard care. I’ve asked him to clean it up & care for it. It has a musty smell even though he does wash it. I know it sounds silly that a beard is affecting our relationship, but it is. I do believe that we are our own people and have the right to look how we look, but I think we should try for each other. I grew my hair out for him. It’s not like he was unhappy without a long beard. I don’t mind a short one. I have no advice. I wish I did. I need help, too.

I cannot stand my husbands beard...i find hairs in everything....especially his plate.....he doesnt trim it so it grows into his mouth......

Accept him as he is! How would you feel if he said you could only have red hair. Works both ways.

I am in the same boat. My husband was clean shaven for ever we've been together for over 35 years!! Now has a beard that is white, looks like father christmas, too much and totally Yuk. Hate it, hate kissing him with it and I don't like too much hair anywhere anyway. He's asked me if he should shave it off knowing full well I won't say yes as it's his beard. So; like you I'm stuck.

Mine is the same ..... will not entertain the thought of shaving it off. I don’t fancy him with it cause it looks horrid.

My husband has been growing his beard since last year. It is wiry, corse, gross, and I hate it. I miss his handsome face. It is to his chest and he refuses to shave. People stare at him. He knows I am not fond of it but refuses to shave it. We barley kiss anymore because it is so gross to have hair in my mouth and our love life is suffering badly.

I found this as I was trying to find a way to get my husband to shave his ha ha... I dislike it sooo much. Top it all off, he combs it every night ughhh !!! And he has two grey streaks that look like a skunk. He looks so much better with it trimmed and maintained. I think this is a game to him to see how long he can grow it.

Same exact issue here. DH enjoys the outside attention it brings more than my personal feelings about it. Says im being selfish for wanting to take away something that has boosted his confidence. What happened to compromise in a relationship and wanting to please your partner?

 I guess he should bow at your request . How dare he have something he loves
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I’m stuck in the same boat and while I agree it’s his body, his choice, I’ve tried for the last three years to move beyond it, but I can’t. It prevents all intimacy in our marriage which prevent connection and a sex life. I could even cope with a short beard but the wizard, dead raccoon beard, I just can’t stand the feel of it, especially when it’s wet.
Not sure how to move forward!

I have the same issue. I kiss my husband alot less because it feels like I am scraping a brillo pad across my face. It really does hurt. He loves it though so I guess the kisses will have to stay at a few here and there.

I have no answer, but appreciated the empathy. Mine, too, is between Sea Captain and Dumbleore 🤣. I miss his face. He ALWAYS shaved becore we married. I was so attracted to that face and, kid you not, the week after we married he quit shaving.

He used to shave once in a while but now it’s like he never will again.😭 I am trying to not be trite but I am not attracted to dudes with long beards. I miss his face. I miss his face shape. Why is long and pointy more desirable than squared off? Sigh. It makes him look old and he doesn’t believe me. Oh well. Fortunately he’s a keeper. But I’m hoping one day it will disappear.

To make out with that smooth face again....sigh.

I used to hate it but last time shaved it off it completely freaked me out cause it didn't look him anymore. I like it now just had to get used to it.

My husband also grew a beard when he had time off work for a few months. It looked disgusting and I hated it with a passion. I wasn't attracted to him anymore hated kissing him and even looking at him! He is really lazy like incredibly lazy so I just feel like the beard was the epitome of his laziness like he's officially given up. He never trimmed it or brushed it either. Made me sick. I told him I hated it often and i think it made him more determined to keep it. He only got rid of it when he went back to work because he had to. So yeah I have no real advice only sympathy