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Who else goes commando? No judgment, no ews or yucks or how could you

I've found freedom in going commando. I feel so much more comfortable, my lady parts are no longer irritated and I don't have marks or pinched clothing anymore.
Is anyone else like me? I can't believe I waited so long to be this comfortable.
I only wear undies when I have my period.


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Commando every day since I was 17. Now 34

 Love it!
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I was the original DSL that sparked the ask sahm question
I've been commando for 10 years
Can go back. Had to start wearing bras again when I fell pregnant and through breast feeding now my second pregnancy so my boobs never went back to a cups
Can't wait to loose the bra again one day

 I want to thank you. I read your post and I had to give it a go and I haven't worn any undies from the day after your post so thank you for helping me get the confidence!
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 😝that's cool to hear. There really is not going back, life gets 10 times more comfy when you let them go lol
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Only of a night time when I'm wearing PJ's (top'n'bottoms). Sometimes I go without if I'm wearing a Nightie.
Never in everyday clothes. I have to get changed in a change room at work - not sure I'd be comfortable flashing all and sundry everytime the door opened!

I do mainly because I have stress incontinence (e.g. when I sneeze). I do get a lot of discharge, so might start not wearing them when I'm at home and see if it makes a difference to that.

I'm the same. Undies only when I have my period. Or sexy undies if I am getting lucky. It feels so free and natural.

Laundry day, otherwise no. But I found the most comfy undies and love them!

I do, have fir a while, I wear them sometimes when I have to like going out in a shortish skirt or when I have my period but othee then that I do, I used to get bad discharge now I dont and its way more comfy

 Op here yep I have found downstairs has improved heaps
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I started after the original post and question and I love it!! Best feeling ever. Haven't worn knickers for 3 weeks now!! Wish I had done it sooner

 Same same same!!!
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I usually do not wear underwear unless I am wearing any kind of dress/skirt or on my period. But with sweats, jeans, or slacks I go commando. My butt just feels more comfortable with just one layer of fabric covering it.

What about discharge? You'd constantly have a camel toe wearing jeans. Each to their own I guess😝

 Not if you jeans fir right. Plus I don't wear jeans that often. I never found them comfortable Since I stoped wearing undies I hardly get discharge at all. Vaginas prefer air.
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 Op here. I don't wear jeans, I have no panty line to worry about and I don't really discharge as much. There are benefits and I dare you to give it a go 😉
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What do you do when you have your period? If you don't mind me asking

 You wear a tampon.
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 I wear undies then because I find tampons uncomfortable that's the only time I wear them
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 I don't get a period so it's not a problem for me!
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This has been discussed. Search for ladies that don't wear underwear

 I'd like to discuss it again and see if more women are like me.
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 Well dont join in in you dont want to read it. No point commenting.
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