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Would you send your child to school?

I learned today or a child in my sons class, whom he plays we a bit, has his grandparents, uncle, cousin and grandfather arriving today from sydney I was furious but said nothing at the time.
Am I being over the top wanting to pull him out for two weeks?
She was blasé and happy her family “made it in before restriction”
I feel like I’m overreacting but also I’m like they are Being so irresponsible !!!

Would you keep your child home or am I being over protective
(I am a sahm , with 3 kids at home


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There are thousands who came from Sydney. I'm furious as what's the point of restrictions if it they all crossed the border anyway?

There'll be many people in your community who have come from Sydney, you'll pass them in the supermarket and the park. If they pass it onto their family here it could be 3-4 weeks until it's realised. So you'd have to isolate for a month at least.

If you feel safer, do it. Personally we're warily moving forward but avoiding large gathering areas.

Maybe ask if they were tested and self isolated?

 Doesn’t mean they will be honest
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 They have no reason not be honest, they technically didn’t have to do anything. There was no requirement for them to isolate etc. You could just try to find out if they got tested and make a call based on that. Find out what suburb are they from.
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I suspect Qld will see a big surge in virus cases shortly.

I have similar problem. My family arrived before the restrictions. I am happy they “made it”. They are old and couldn’t do 2 weeks in government quarantine. I’m starting to feel like yes they made it, but technically they came from Sydney. I know they don’t heave the virus as they were tested and their close friends were tested, but so many people came in before the restrictions.

Um dob them in if breaking rules and speak to to ur childs school about your concerns. ultimately its ur choice iuf u keep them mome

 Not technically breaking the rules. It didn’t close till today :/
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