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Has anyone had two close friends fall out?

Did you remain neutral? How did you stop them dragging you into it?


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I'm in my mid 40's. That kind of shit just doesn't happen that often at my age 🤗

 That's because we got rid of the dead wood years ago
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I was the one that fell out with my school best friend a couple of years after school. She wasn't working full time and still able to catch up with other school mates and They all took her side and left me feeling pretty awful about myself.

6 years later bestie and I are back together and school friends are gone. I'm not sure if that really answers your question, but that has been my only experience with this sort of situation.

I had 2 close friends start dating. At first it went really well and they seemed very happy but then the cracks started to show and they separated. I am still friends with both but not as close to one of them. They were both really immature about it when the separation happened so I put some distance between both and I made myself VERY clear that I would not tolerate shit talking about the other person.

 I'm sure they appreciated your non judgmental support in that tumultuous time in their life.
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Yes, the entire group ended up losing touch with each other.

 What caused it?
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 To be honest I can't remember.
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 Must have important to lose friends over
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 Its a bit difficult to see a group of friends when you can't invite two of them.
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 So you stopped being friends with both of them?
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 It was a mothers group, we all caught up together so it became so difficult. The group ended up divided, after a while I just stopped enjoying going so I didn't.
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One person will eventually push you to choose & you will end up choosing. Might not happen straight away. You'll end up spending more time with one of them & the other will fade off into the distance.

Sorry but keep out of it its not your problem.

 Well it is if they keep trying to involve you.
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Not so much my friends, but my daughter had a group of friends and the mums would chat, but weren't friends that caught up if the kids weren't involved. Two of the mums had a huge falling out, the other two of us initially decided not to get involved, but changed our minds due to the mum at faults behaviour. I admit I took a side and while we didn't tell our kids not to play with the other child we stopped doing play dates with the child of the mum we no longer spoke to and the next year requested the three girls be in a separate class. The friendship fizzled with the other girl after that.

 I should add the reason we wanted the girls in a different class was due to one girl bringing food to school that the other girl was allergic too. The girls all couldn't be in a class together anyway. I'm sorry if this makes no sense.
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 So essentially you all bullied a little kid because you can't get along with other women.. wowzers.
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 No I was worried it would sound like that. We didn't have a choice really, the mum we didn't get along with insisted on packing food that the other child was allergic to. When one of the kids nearly died the other mum didn't have a choice but to keep the kids apart. I chose to side with one mum after witnessing the other shouting abuse at her.
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I’ve never had two close friends 😞

 Same ☹️
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 It's complicated and overrated to have alot of close friends. Always drama, it's like living in a soap opera. You're not missing much.
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