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Newborn formula

Hi ladies. I am considering mix feeding my week old baby as I don't feel like I'm making enough milk. What is a tried and tested formula out there that worked wonders for your babies? Thanks so much for any help.


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Do you want to breastfeed?

If you do this is not a reason to introduce formula and will make it hard for you to continue...

If you want to formula feed that's fine go with a soy based one , but I stress if you actually want to breast feed don't introduce formula right now,see a lactation consultant if you're worried or call the national breast feeding association

In the beginning it's not really "milk," so they seem hungrier. After the first week-10 days you will see a change in your milk and a cut back in frequency of you are feeding on demand.

 Agree - it's normal for newborns to geed constantly. They're bringing your milk in and it will settle.
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Agree with the other post. Call breastfeeding association. Or look up Milk Meg on fb. She is a lactatiom consultant and writes awesome information and provides a strong network for breastfeeding mothers. Please dont turn to formula so easily. Its expensive and not even third on the list for World Health Organisation as preferred form of feeding a newborn/baby. Call or visit the breastfeeding association website. Or better yet- talk to your midwife?! They will get you in touch with a lactation consultant who will assure you that your body is and can make enough milk. Only 3 percent of women cannot.

 Well I wonder what number two and possibly the third plus preferred forms of feeding a newborn baby?????
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 Donor and wet nursing I would assume.
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 Yep ^ donor milk and wet nursing is spot on ;-) formula is not good for gut health or digestive system. Its not an argument. It's a fact. The WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION can't really be argued with.
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 That's hillarious that you say the world health organisation can not be argued with!
Btw i was not arguing i was truly wondering.
Do you realise that wet nurses and donors are not 100% safe, just like blood donations.
Wet nurses and breast milk donations are also not as accessible as formula.

Your clearly a breastfeeding advocate.
I am a feed you baby however you please as long as bubs fed, warm and happy advocate
Neither of us are auctually answering ops question

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 My son needed donor milk in the NICU. The first thing they told me was should another baby need it more, he would not get it. Donors milk is like liquid gold. Not nearly enough of it is available. And there are very few milk banks in Australia. And a wet nurse, absolutely not something I'd consider. Unless I completely 100% trusted the person. What a big ask of someone to feed your baby, and for how long? 1, 2 years. And how lucky would I be to find someone I know very well who happened to be lactating, that wild be prepared to do that for me. In a perfect world, I agree with you. In this not perfect world, if I'm unable to breastfeed, I'll take my chances with formula.
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 well I have 7 kids and I fell into your 3% I could not breastfeed cos I never got any milk at all we tried everything to get it to come in... I used formula from day one with out a choice and have 7 healthy kids with no problems ..... anyways that the hell did they use before the stupid rules and crap you on about years ago bloody cow and goats milk gee didn't hurt your family back then either hay.....
hunny if you cant breastfeed then don't don't stress over it its not for everyone and I'm sick of it being forced
I remember when I had my first there was a lady that walked around hospital with a stocking boob forcing us new mums to breast feed a really cant breast feed and I thought I was a bad mum for not breast feeding but soon relised it was ok and my choice

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 i hate milk meg
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I use nan comfort my boy has been on it since birth he's now 3 weeks old, no issues at all!
He had a terrible latch. Had to stop after a day :(

I mixed fed 5 out of 7 of my kids from 2 days old same reason I wasn't making enough there is nothing wrong with it at all was always told breast first top up formula.
I was told gold was better had more in it but found if gave belly pains and very unsettled I found karicare was great was a little thicker than some of the others
also money wise s26 is the same as SMS just one cost almost $30 and the other $15 but is made by same people and is the some product found that out from a few of the nurses at hospital
at the end of the day darl you my pick a brand and bubs wont take to it you could try up to 2-5 diff brands before you find the right one for bubs
good luck

 Milk doesn't come in till 4-7 days ovcourse you weren't making enough- you wouldn't be making any, you sound very defensive in the other reply for someone completely secure in their choices.
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 lol, what is defensive about this answer?
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 I didn't say this reply, I specifically said "your other reply"
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 Sorry "the other reply"
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 I didn't read anything defensive in that one either. Is it just that you disagree with her?
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 Only thing I disagree with her about is spreading a myth that if your milk doesn't come in by day 2 it's that your milk isn't coming in. She was obviously I'll advised if that's what she thinks.
I read it as particularly defensive. If you didn't that's fine.

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a trick I was told if your not sure how much bubs is getting express it and put into bottle feed that way you know which will also help milk flow better you can also freeze it for 12 months defrost and warm it up if you find you start making to much

Google home made lactaid. This is a good way to give bubs a bit extra if you need to without giving a bottle (that's if you want to still breastfeed).

S26 Gold is what the hospital uses

 Be careful using any gold formula. They are too rich in iron and cause most babies to be constipated.
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I loved just the normal s26 for newborns. I found anything with 'gold' in it blocked him up and gave him tummy upsets.