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Christmas play

My daughters Xmas play entry costs $25.50 and I invited the in laws and said the price is $25.50 and in laws said aren’t you paying for us ? I said no
In laws said you invite us you should pay

Who pays ?


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i cannot believe they would even ask, they pay

 My nana paid $450 for her 90th birthday lunch
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 ^God bless your Nan ❤️
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 How it was in the old days and she’s stuck in the past
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If you told them the price in the same conversation as inviting them, then they should take it as they are invited but would need to pay their own way. If you brought the price up at a later date it gets a bit more iffy, although I personally always assume I'll be paying my own way.

You’ve invited them and told them the price. Up to them if they want to see her perform. Price covers the venue

Bad in laws, my in laws would be thrilled to come, pay their own tickets, probably even offer to pay my ticket then take us all out for dinner afterwards! AND probably bring some little gifts for the kids and tell everyone about the amazing play!

When inviting them and stating the price, I would have said then that I was sorry but couldn't afford to buy their tickets. I think it's kind of rude for them to ask if you are paying.

I can't believe its even any issue.
Every day, especially when i hear these stories, it makes me appreciate my on laws even more. I am truly blessed.
Are you able to but their tickets? Can you afford the $51? If you can't, just tell then you haven't the room in your budget. I'm sure they would understand. Unless they are a bit difficult.
Good luck, and most importantly - enjoy your daughters play 💙

That’s a really expensive Christmas play! Can you buy them tickets as a Christmas gift?

 My nieces ticket costs $42.55

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 That’s a good idea
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Oooooh that's a tough one. All you can do is have an adult conversation with them and tell them what your understanding was and that you can't afford it. My a in laws always pay for themselves. It's never even been a question. Good luck 😊