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Why do you home here?(DLS and ask SAHM)

I find personally, I come here when I'm a bit lonely. It's also entertaining the fights but deep down I find it's an addiction and one that's not good for me due to the very little positivity. But I'm hooked and keep coming back!


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Nothing but pure loneliness husband works away, kids are asleep, I have no friends makes me feel like I have some sort of human contact. Sad isn't it.

 Omg, same!!
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 Same here!!
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OP Hugs xxx
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 This and to share my own wisdom. I have a lot of questions with my 2 youngest because all the rules and ideas about how to care for and parent children have changed since my older kids were babies/toddlers. On the other hand, I have 19 years of experience being a mom, and while the way we raise them changes, the kids themselves seem to come up in similar fashion (ie nose picking, foot licking, teething, milestones...).
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I go on lots of parenting forums, I love to hear other peoples suggestions and ideas.
This forum can be great but the bitchiness and trolling really brings it down. Lucky there are some nice ladies still on here.

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I was addicted to this place ages ago when it was good. There was lots of trolling, but is was funny and very entertaining. No one really comes on here anymore, only the trolling questions get answered the real questions only get a few responses. I have found much better forums.

 which ones?

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I enjoy sharing but I don't enjoy the backlash at times. It is an opinion forum if you ask a question be prepared for different points of view.

OP Absoutley!
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 Theres a difference between point of view and being mean for the sake of it. I see both on here. Plus, having a point of view doesn't make your opinion right.
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It's a great outlet to ask questions and know that you defiantly won't get found out for asking the question! There's lots of fb pages where you can ask advice etc but majority of the time if you comment on something or post some where it comes up in other peoples news feeds so it's not private at all. I'll comment on personal things on here relating to sex life or personal things but I wouldn't comment on fb for example

I feel the exact same way OP!

OP It drives me crazy. I stayed off it last night but here I am again arghhhh
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Little bit of fun I check in every few days- sometimes I argue if I'm home Friday night drinking while hubby is at work lol. Or when BUBS is taking forever to breast feed to sleep. Kills that Time too

OP Yep I love it at night
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