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Large inner labia getting in the way

Just wondering if anyone else has very large inner labia (inside flappers as I like to call them) that gets in the way during sex? When I go to have sex I have to move them out of the way before we start. Is that what everyone has to do no matter how big or small they are? Just curious to know....


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I have one longie and one shortie, it can get annoying if it rubs against something but I quickly rearrange. If you have to move it, just move it, I don’t think it calls for surgery!!

Does it affect sex? If it is just moving them away and it doesn't bother you - I wouldn't worry about it. All labia's are beautiful!

I believe I've started on the path to menopause. I've noticed one of my outer labia has grown a little. It now hangs a bit lower than the other, which can rub when wearing pants. It's definitely uncomfortable!

My inner labia aren’t big or small, they’re just visible before I spread my legs. I’ve never had to move them for any reason and they’re never gotten in the way

I wonder if there is a difference between skinny women and larger women. I'm skinny and my outside labia are really thin which make my inner ones look big. I wonder if I had more padding so to say it would hide the inner labia.

 Im a size 8. Its just how you're made. My outer labia are covered by my inner labia completely.
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 I'm bigger and it doesn't cover my inner labia.
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I have "flappers","hangers","beef curtains", whatever you want to call them! My labia are a bit long and can get in the way during intercourse. The only time its a problem is when im not sufficiently aroused. They get pushed ibto my vagina and pull pretty bad. If I am aroused enough they pop out on their own on the second or third thrust. I dont see moving them out of the way as a problem though, I often "spread myself" to invite him in anyway?

 Beef curtains 😂
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 My personal fav... cheese burger
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 Roast beef sandwich
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Can't believe anyone would consider surgery for this, is it really that hard to just move them out the way? I have to open my mouth to put food in but I'm not about to surgically remove my lips to make that process easier.

 They can be painful. Just wearing jeans or tight pants can be painful.
Opening your mouth to eat isn't painful, having your fanny flaps ripped inside your vagina is painful.
Some women don't have it that extreme, some women do and need surgery.
You worry about your vagina, and don't judgee other women on what they do with theirs.

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 Also have you ever had the skin inbetween your outer lips and inner lips split due to the inner lips being dragged into your vag? That stings like a mother f*cker. Don't try and wash your lady bits until it's better coz water is like pure acid being poured onto it. Luckily it does heal quick.
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 Coz it f***i g hurts. Stop judging others.
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OMG! I had mo idea so many womem have this problem. I didnt even know it was a thing until i read this post

 Me either. My innet labia are short and are completely covered by my outer labia.
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Mine get dragged in during sex so I have to move them. I’ve considered surgery but it scares me.

Mine are big too and same thing. Dont get surgery, just move them or lubricate a little.

Yip I do. I'm fairly sensitive too, so lots of lube and gently parting before inserting =) my husband is slowly getting better at this too. Can't say they bother me too much, slight annoyance I guess.

I have an "outy". I have a little of that problem. It pulls a little sometimes as he's thrusting too and I have to pull it back a bit, if that makes sense?
Have thought about having the surgery but am worried about loss of sensation.

If it bothers you, or they start to get caught or torn, there are cosmetic surgery procedures to fix it.

So interesting. My inner labia are tiny but my outer quite big I think.

I have the picture perfect vagina, I've never had to pull back anything during sex except to separate my pubes when I grow a full bush. As others have mentioned there are cosmetic surgeries available to help you if you want it.

Do you end up needing lube for sex? Are they super sensitive? Are they only longer during sex or is it an all the time affair? Sorry, I have so many questions and I can't Google them (there's too much porn in the way).

 My partner and I always use lube, but that's more for sensation so we would even if I had a different vagina. It definitely helps though.
Lol they are longer all the time. It's not like an erection, it's just the way they've grown 😂.
They're not crazy sensitive or anything, but they are sensitive. Sometimes when I'm walking, because they are outside a little, they rub on my nickers and it gets me a bit horny. Sometimes if jeans are too tight though it can be uncomfortable. My partner likes to lick and suck on them a little when he goes down on me and it feels amazing - One of the reasons I don't want to get surgery.

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 Mine are long all the time, they are so long I can't even poke them inside the outer lips, they're huge lol. Yes I have to move them during sex and they can get pulled back in accidentally if sex to rough and that hurts. But mine actually don't have much feelings. I mustn't have many nerve endings in them because I can pinch mine and I don't feel it. I do feel it however if they get rubbed to much on knickers or long night of sex etc and they swell up. That is painful to walk. Swollen lips are the worst!
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