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How would you feel if you were pregnant at age 12 to 39 and had 38 children and your husband left you after last pregnancy?

Mariam Nabatanzi gave birth to twins a year after she was married at the age of 12. Five more sets of twins followed — along with four sets of triplets and five sets of quadruplets.
One baby died


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If that was me I’d be glad. He’s gone so no more babies. Yay.

I read that and felt sad for her. I got the impression that she felt that she didn't have a choice in having that many kids or even having kids fullstop. She doesn't seem to be taking any joy out of having children and life is a constant struggle for her. It really makes me aware of how lucky we actually are. That we do have more of a choice, access to a range of contraceptives, underage marriage is illegal, we can have abortions, better healthcare and welfare and for the most part, both parents are supposed to be held accountable for their children.

I would have told my hubby to get a snip or refused to have sex after three kids I can not imagine having that many kids, or PUTTING MYSELF in the position to have that many kids. But that just my opinion and I don't feel negatively about anyone who has lots of kids that's THEIR CHOICE. But personally no.

I'm sure I read that 6 children had passed :( a very sad situation for the woman and her children. It feels like we are a world away from there. But her children did look really healthy considering and although she works her a*s to the bone she provides for them. The husband is an asshat.

Seriously make an alias Facebook page and comment your heart out there


 why bump? what answer were you hoping for? Negative responses a war of words? Sometimes I think people bump just for the sake if it. If you have something to add, then by all means add it to the chat other wise no point in bumping.
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