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Hoyts - Girls Night Out vs Village - Flicks With The Chicks

Who has done this? What is in the free ‘Goodie Bag’? Anyone done both Hoyts and Village?


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I Have been watching this post (but have not posted), to find out the answer. What is the Village goodie bag like? Is it worth it?

I've been to a Limelight ladies night with a high tea and champers. It was great fun! Have no experience with village or Hoyt's though :/

 What is limelight? Thanks
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 Another cinema brand
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 Just looked it up, it a rural cinema
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 We have one in Canberra...
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 what's the goodie bag like?
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Might do Rocketman at Village this Thursday

 So didn't end up going.
Did anyone do Village Flicks with the Chicks?
How was the goodie bag?

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Have done Hoyts Girls Night Out, got 'The Parcel' which had 4 x full sized products. Shampoo & conditioner - but unfortunately for blondes, a jar of mask and a makeup setting spray by DB (think alcohol) which pump spray didn't work so I couldn't use. So I don't think that goodies bad was worth it. Would of loved a box filled with mini samples.
Want to try Village. Anyone been to Village?

 When did you go?
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 this year, 2019, saw the Hustle
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What is this thing you speak of?

 Both are a select movie, once off, you pay more but a free goodies bag
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I got a box of cheap make up, none in colours I wear, inconvenience pads and a magazine. It really wasn't worth spending the extra money.

 Did you use the incontinence pads for the movie? It's so annoying when you have to pee mid movie.
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 Lol I should have 😂
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Looking to organise one for the girls, haven't been yet, let me know!