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How do you feel about your husband going out to bars alone on Your annual family holiday

We have been in Thailand for 5 days ... My husband has been out 3/5 nights at bars. I'vr been in hotel with my children ... One of which has been sick with a cold and high temperature. We have a very tricky relationship and this is our once a year holiday. I am super mad that he thinks it's acceptable that he's galavanting around town bars himself On our holiday. Especially with the baby being sick 😕 I actually said to him please stay in and help and he still went off. Am I over reacting? On the first night he also spent nearly half of our daily budget on alcohol when he went out solo and that also made me mad. what makes me even madder is he just came back from a boys holiday of 2 weeks before arriving in Thailand. Am I right to be mad or just getting mad for nothing??


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Get checked for STI's, lot of ladyboys, I suspect that's where the money going. Alcohol is cheap there, half the daily budget, do the maths

 Alcohol isn't that cheap, I've just been there
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 $2 for a Bacardi Breezer is pretty cheap to me!
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He’s a cheater
Get yourself checked out bet he cheated on you on the boys holiday and on family holiday

Oh yeah I'd be mad as hell. Do you think he might be up to no good?? I think you need to consider the dynamics of your relationship & how they need to change because how he is treating you now is not ok. You're meant to be a team. He's not a single man anymore he needs a reality check of the highest order.

He has checked out of your relationship. Start making plans.

I think you are overreacting. What's the poibt wasting the holiday because your kid is sick? At least one of you should have a good time. Perhaps you can alternate with him.

Yes sounds like he is cheating on you. Very easy in Thailand, they will do almost anything for money.

I’d be fuming. I understand not wanting the children to get caught up in a fight, so I’d wait till you got home or when the kids aren’t around - and then have it out with him. If this is a pattern be clear with what he needs to do to save his marriage (eg counselling, doing xyz) and if he’s not on board or won’t do it then give him the consequences of what will happen step by step. Try to talk it out calmly and compromise but if he doesn’t budge say something like ‘I’ll be contacting a divorce lawyer tomorrow’ and do it (or whatever action you decide, you don’t have to divorce but have a plan so he knows consequences). don’t do nothing, people treat you how you let them.

He hates you

 This is not helpful. Hate is a very strong word, and even if he is up to no good, it’s likely out of selfishness not hatred.
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You go out by yourself and he can look after the kids