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Why do people hide cash in their homes?

And who are they hiding it from??


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Im the op of that question about hiding cash. It wasnt for anything sinister, im trying to save for something and the only way I seem to not spend money is by taking it out and keeping it in cash, since I use my card for everything. Ive tried putting money in other accounts but with internet banking it doesnt work, in the moment I rationalize it as I need it but if I take it out and leave it at home I cant spend it. My hubby knows I want to do this so it isnt hiding it from him.

 You can have a separate account that isn't hooked up to your online banking. I had to this as a teenager as I'd just spend it then get sad cause I was saving for a king size bed. It worked a treat cause in order to take the money out I'd have to walk all the way to the bank and if I wasn't prepared to do that just to get money out then I didn't need it 👍
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 I tried that but as I live in a small town the shopping centre has my bank in it, it was only a problem in the moment and since the bank was right there never worked for me lol
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 Open an account with a different bank 🤦
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My grandparents did because they didn't trust banks. It wasn't unusual for people of their generation to not trust them.

I like to keep a small amount in my home (I keep it in my safe) just in case I need some fast money and can't access my accounts. It has nothing to do with hiding assets from Centrelink or the like.

I replied on the last simular post.....with my ex if i didn't hide it i would be stone broke 2 days after being paid. I used to hide 5-10 dollars for milk and bread all over the place. I hid larger amounts to be ready to get out and drive straight to a motel if needed. When the domestic violence began i knew i had to stay around long enough to get evidence or i would be sharing custody with the violent arsehole! He knew i was not going to put up with it from the very first incident. I got my bloody evidence alright....i still have physical and emotional scars to prove it! I still find cash in weird places.... i donate it because i can't bear to spend it. I have also posted previously about my ex getting realeased from jail recently and having a safetcard (personal alarm/recording device that a call centre monitors and alerts police of my location) i will be paying the monthly bill for that with stashed cash

 Oh and if i knew his past earlier inwould have known it was not necessary to stay and gather evidence. Bring on a dv register!!!!! (I wouldn't have 2 awesome kiddos if there was one though!)
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Abusive relationships,illegal activities that need no electronic trace, surprise present for a partner who may have access to bank accounts, selling big ticket items and not wanting to bank it to pay cash for something else like a car. So many reasons

Maybe they are in an abusive relationship and are trying to get money together to leave...

If you have to hide cash from your partner you probably shouldn't be in a relationship with them.

 The whole idea is usually to use it to get.out of the relationship
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 My local dv shelter closed down because telstra listed the address and phone number in the phone book......when it was supposed to be's not always easy to flee
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 Ok why don't you try and escape a psychotic dv relationship then say it's easy
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My Dad used to hide money in all sorts of weird places in his place, in photo albums, in tool kits, under tins of food, between plates, in old bank statements. He was in the last stages of cancer and wanted me to find this extra money when I cleaned his unit, and the money wasn't in the bank! He always preferred paying with money to card and would only do fortnightly Atm withdrawals.

my nanna doesn't know how to use a ATM card

 My nana keep putting her card into the slot where the receipt comes out....
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I don't hide cash as we can see where our money is going easier if all payments are on the bank card. I can understand why people do. Pocket money, atm down, emergencies, escaping violence, partner bad with money etc would make it useful.

I hide cash of my own wages from my husband to escape domestic violence. Its my own money so i can do as i please.