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Will I be automatically taken off the bad tica listing when my 3 years are up on tica

According to legislation from June 30th your tica debt will be wiped after 3 years


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No, the PM has to take you off. So they have to remember/record it etc. PMs quit, move on etc. Id be making sure you remember and contact the agency after the 3 years to ensure you are removed. Mind you you have to have done something pretty bad or had a big debt to go on it in the first place. Thete are pretty strict rules around putting soneone TICA. In 15 years of working in Real Estate ivel only ever put 1 person on there and only a hanful of times come across an applicant that is listed on it........

 PM ... Prime Minister ?
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 No you don't have to do anything pretty bad at all I'm my case 1 house 3realestates managing property (all different) 2 tica listings at 2diff courts for diff amounts 1landlord the two real estates that put me on tica were not ment to be managing the property in first place no money owing at all and I can't get off tica
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 Pm = property manager. Lol i was confused at first too
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 All good first thing I thought of PM: Prime minister then sat there thinking why would he do it lol
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PM = 'Property Manager'. Love it when people try to be smart arses and come across looking like idiots!! Its like when kids read and they say a word that makes no sense because they cant read the actual word. Think about the context of the topic. We are talking about Property Management here not polotics! To the person who has benn put on TICA twice, without hearing the full story, it sounds like a pretty messy stuation with some 'PMs' (Property Managers πŸ˜‰) not doing the right thing and on a power trip. But unless you've done something very wrong damage wise etc or left a large unpaid debt you shouldnt be put on TICA. There really are some very strong rules about it. Unfortunately though if your name is on the lease with people who have done the wrong thing but you haven't you'll still get dragged into it as you are equally liable. If you really think its not justified contact the department of commerce - they are the governing body now for Property Management, you might get somewhere with them.

 Umm, whilst you're trashing people's intelligence: it's actually "politics". But go on, high horse it away πŸ˜‚
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What happens after it’s supposed to be β€œwiped” after 3 years?
I’ve been listed for 2 years I did the right thing when I broke my lease due to a domestic relationship I had to leave and I sorted bond clean ect and he never paid a cent but there is a debt of $3000 which either me or him who have to pay back I haven’t spoken with him in over 2 years and I’m wondering if it just goes away after 3 yrs and I can rent again or it sticks with me or will I get taken to court ect?

Out of curiosity, were you still able to get another rental while being on TICA?

If it was lodged due to debt owing and you have repaid it you could contact the real estate agency that filed it and appeal. If it was property damage maybe talk to the real estate agent and offer to pay for the damage you caused if they remove you from TICA?

I'd recommend finding out what the records written about you state. Websites like Tenancy Bureau Australia can help you find the written records that the real estate has lodged that future potential landlords will read about you. They also give you the chance to write your side of the story on any future application in regards to the dispute.

 I'm tica listed with a real estate got another house though another real estate then moved out year later to private qld
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Op where did you get that info from very interested in finding out more been on tica 5-6 years now paying up of
Love to get out of the house I'm renting now