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What is everyone's favourite thing to eat on christmas?


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Pumpkin pie - my mum is american & we only ever eat it at christmas, just has such a special holiday taste for me!

Christmas Ham. Trifle. Pav. And everything else really. I just love food.

My own homemade pudding warmed with custard and cream yum. Pavlova. Trifle.

all the food, pavlova, choc fudge, rum balls, truffles. yum

Pavlova. Or rum balls. Or condensed milk tart. Or just anything. Love Christmas feasts

Oliebollen - a Dutch donut we have it for breakfast on Xmas morning, it's the only food we all look forward to all year so yummy 😀

I never enjoy the traditional Christmas lunches we have at family get togethers. I don’t like eating dinner for lunch if you know what I mean. I’m all for desserts tho. Love pavlova. And chocolate mousse. And custard. And chocolate.

Roast chicken with stuffing and gravy... and roast potatoes. And vegies... and hot pudding with ice cream and cold custard... and fruit mince pies. So many fruit mince pies.... just, all the food. The entire Christmas menu is my favourite thing to eat lol.