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Why is it cool to hate kids/families?


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This is a trioll post. Families get treated better than any other demographic.

I'm guessing this is in response to the no children rule some restaurants and other businesses have laid out. The truth is its or own fault as parents, collectively. I wouldn't even have dreamed of behaving the way most children do in public at that age. Discipline is a healthy part of growing up. The kids have become the bosses in many households. So now business need to exclude them in order to provide an experience worth the price.

To whom is it cool?
I've actually noticed a really positive attitude towards kids and families in the younger generation (the gen z).
I admit I've also noticed a few members of the LGBT+ community that are in my age bracket (late 20s) seem to have a bad attitude about it, but that could just be some of the one's I've come across. And certainly not all of them.
The older people I meet seem pretty cool with kids and families. In fact, I often get positive remarks regarding my 3 kids and big pregnant belly. I've only ever had one person try to make me feel bad about having such a large family, and that was not an older person.
Even the extremely older people I meet seem pretty chuffed when they see my big family out and about.
The only time we get a bit of side eye is when my husband has his tattoos out. But that's very rare, and usually from other women when I bust them trying to flirt with him. And it's usually in response to my own side eye to them 😂
These are just my experiences though. What's happened to make you feel this way?

I never took my kids out to restaurants or cafes when they were young and I can't understand why people do it. The kids just want to be themselves and make noise and move around but they can't so they get frustrated and the parents get flustered. The only parents who might find it enjoyable are the ones that pretend their kids aren't theirs and let them run amok. But thats a bit selfish because they're ruining everyone elses outing, not to mention the business aren't babysitters. Fish and chips at the park was always a winner. My kids are teenagers and I take them out now but still opt to sit outside with them because they're prone to say stuff they shouldn't 😂.

Move to Brisbane. When I lived in Melbourne people looked down on families and moving to suburbs or having a kid was like endin your life. Feminism was huge like being a mum was some sort of patriarchal enslavement.
In Brisbane before I had kids I was pulled into car park by my female supervisor in a gov office btw and asked if I was "a lezzo" as I had no kids at 34. In fact even guys I knew felt sad if no kids by 40. I got kids a year later and then a few girls older and single cut me and I got msg from Melb friends asking if I am at work and concerned I will lose myself.... So move everything in Brisbane is child oriented and you are outcast if you have no family