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How long did you breastfeed ?


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12 months.
I actually hated breastfeeding and I don't think I would do it again if I had another baby

2 years...about a year longer than I wanted but somebody had other ideas

1st to 12 months - naturally weaned themself
2nd to 15 months and I weaned then as they wouldn’t sleep at night without my boob in their mouth.

I hated breastfeeding but I managed 9 months with my first, 18 months with my 2nd and 26 months with my 3rd. The last one was weaned but the first 2 self weaned.

About 3.5 months with my first. Still feeding my second at 18months. Wanting to stop ASAP because I’m over it but I’m following his lead with weaning. I’ve just started the don’t offer but don’t refuse method of weaning so hopefully it decreases.

1st - 2 Weeks Awful Mastitis, 2nd 6 Weeks before I started losing my milk. The doctor couldn't explain why... So I had to formula feed and then she got Whooping cough and had to be drip fed so It was easier for formula as I couldn't keep the supply going.

18 months with my first. Currently up to 13 months with my second.

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