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How to be sexy while pregnant

Okay 2 things:
1. What do you do to feel sexy while you're pregnant? I'm currently at "whale size" and just exhausted. 27 weeks along and so bloody huge and sore and also broke so spending the day at the salon isn't an option.

2. Wtf google?! Google this phrase "how to be sexy while pregnant" and the first link is for Lifeline talking about suicide prevention 😂 jfc Google you trolling bastards.


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I say.... don't try to be sexy! Just be comfortable!!!! We put too much pressure in ourselves!

My hubby loves pregnant women so I always felt sexy. I had a very high sex drive when pregnant and couldn't get enough of him, so win win for both of us.

My go to move was lie on the couch in my brains undies with a big bowl of ice cream and I would put a sexy face on and say to my hubby “cone and get some of this baby”
Worked a treat lol

Hubby was the only one who could make me feel remotely attractive. He would set up a bath for me, then give me a massage. One thing would lead to another. Maybe i was feeling loved and pampered and relaxed enough not to care or maybe the bath and lotiony rub down made me feel a little pretty. Who knows? But even a spa day and everyone gushing over how glowing i was didn't make me feel at all cute when i had the baby shower.

Google directs you there as it is a sucuide trigger for some pregnant women. The feeling awful, the unknown of what’s to come, some suffer depression when they never have before, some have to deal with cheating partners as It can be a time they don’t get any attention/sex 🤬, a pregnant woman may blame herself for not looking or feeling sexy for the cheating.
Sad but true. Glad you obviously don’t feel like that 😍

 Yeah no, I got the why as to it being there but it caught me off guard that it was the first link. Not an ad, just a proper search result. Considering I had written explicitly "how to" it seemed odd to have that be the first option rather than like a third or fourth result.
But if you need the helplines, it's good they have it there.

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