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Helpful advice please..

I have been separated for 6 months and after months of bullying from my ex husband forbidding me to involve family lawyers in our divorce, I have found out he has been to see one and is about to engage them. What can I do now? I feel it is only fair we both are allowed legal representation?


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He cannot stop you getting legal representation. You will NEED it.
He is trying to bully you into having no representation, so he can get more than his fair share of your joint assets.
He has probably taken that time advantage to remove money from accounts etc. and hide it.
Good lawyers should be able to identify if that has been done and how much.
The court will order full disclosure of bank accounts. If money has been transferred overseas that can be identified.
Go and see family law specialist lawyers as soon as possible.
By law you are entitled to half of the joint assets, and if there are children in your custody, probably more than half.
Provide a bit more information about your situation and we might be able to give more advice.
Do you have a house in both your names? Are you both paying the mortgage? Do you have children , what ages ?

Keep any and all documentation of his “forbidding” you, and take it to a family lawyer immediately. Battered wife syndrome includes oppresive behaviour like this and they can probably use the pattern to help your case. The fact he got a lawyer and didn’t want you to have one, probably means he is about to leave you high and dry.

“Forbidding”?! He had no right to forbid you not to do anything when you were together so he damn well can’t do it now 😡

You're separated. He has no more rights to your decisions. Tell him to shut the f*** up

You can get a lawyer for yourself, as well? If you're separated and going for a divorce, don't let that dickbag control you anymore.

Get a lawyer asap and stop thinking he has a right to forbid you anything