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Emotionally unavailable

What does it mean when your partner becomes emotionally unavailable for you? No support with anything I do, we barely talk to one another besides anything involving our day to day life and the kids. I’m a stay at home mum and he works full time... I do everything that involves our home and children and have no problem with doing so! He only helps out with the kids when I ask him to.

I’ve talked to him and asked.. but he insists that he loves me and doesn’t want to end things? Recently he’s talked about marrying, but his words doesn’t match his actions!

I feel emotionally drained...


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I’m saying this in the most polite way I can, but from my perspective maybe he might be too comfortable with you and doesn’t want to go through all the drama of leaving? Or maybe he’s thinking about your children reason why he can’t leave? Or maybe your over thinking things and he’s just exhausted from work??

Think positive and maybe bring some excitement to your relationship again.

Goodluck 🙂

My husband is like this he does love you he believes you love him the same so he doesn’t feel the need to keep reinforcing it. Some men don’t know how to express their feelings.

It could be as someone else said, too easy to stay and too hard to leave. It could also be work is tough, or maybe he has mental health problems that just mask as being uninterested. I say this as I sometimes would probably appear this way to my hubby. I’m lucky he picks me up and makes me be involved in my family. Whatever that may sound like, I’m lucky to have him and he does it effortlessly. He could complain moan and whinge that I’m being a disinterested person but instead he plans fun activities for us and insists I come along if I had otherwise thought to sit it out.
I’m hoping I’m not criticised, I’m Sharing purely for the benefit of the OP to get some insight to how things are for a person, and how they can seem to the other half.
All the best x

I'm a little unsure what you're asking... What have you talked to him about? What do you want more from him? Do you want more help/ connectedness or time? What is it that is draining you?