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Do you like the new KFC ad ?

KFC has apologised for an ad in Australia that shows two young boys staring with their mouths agape as a woman adjusts her breasts.
The apology was issued after Collective Shout, an Australian group which campaigns against the objectification of women, labelled the ad “a regression to tired and archaic stereotypes where young women are sexually objectified for male pleasure”.
The 15-second ad features a young woman checking her reflection in the tinted windows of a parked car, apparently not realising anyone is inside the vehicle.


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I didn't see it as offensive. Tasteless, but not worthy of more thought than the 15 seconds of the ad's running time.
I'm more sick of the new iphone ad with the hairdryer. It's everywhere. We get it. Now move on.....

I’ve seen it and no it didn’t offend me. People should find more worthy causes to become outraged about. Sheesh.

The offensive part is the woman adjusting her breasts in public. The way she does it is offensive.

I want to see it now 😁

 Google it
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