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Does anyone else have a clingy child? How do you get housework done? Struggling :(

So my little one (8 months) is super clingy!!! Rarely ever lets me do anything... As soon as I walk away to wash the dishes- only a few meters away... She will cry :( the house is a mess and it's making me miserable! How do you deal with this? Oh and to top things off- she hates naps!!! Aghhhhh :(


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I don't want to be judged for my answer but after 9 months of crap sleeping by my son and my house being a mess all the time I found the beauty of the abc app on the ipad called play kids. This kid didn't like to be worn it was carried or on the floor with him. It may sound strange but ever since then his sleeping has improved as well as his attitude. It doesn't play all the time but in small 1/2 hour blocks if I desperately have something to do and he knows if he is watching pajanimals it is almost bed time and time for his big sleep. I want sure about screen time but I'm so glad I succumbed. Though we can only vacuum when one of us is bathing him. He cries with the vacuum.

 Do whatever works I say!
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Baby wear! Grab an Ergo pouch- best thing ever!

 I am not the OP but had a similar problem with my first who was super clingy and people kept recommending
baby wearing. So believe me when I say I've tried this and I found it not only impractical but quite unsafe to baby wear when doing lots of housework tasks, e.g. cleaning toilet, bending down to pick things up, cooking. Also my daughter was only happy in a carrier if I was walking or moving around. If I was standing still (e.g. at the sink) she'd start writhing and howling.

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My son was exactly the same, at the age. So many great suggestions so far. Just ride it out, it doesn't last forever. Distractions and baby wearing helped me. I found that once he could walk he was a lot happier, and it just got easier and easier. He's now 3 and the most independent, happy little man.

First off, try everything people have suggested here. But give it a bit of time to see if they work. You never know, you might stumble across something that is just right for your child. I used do what the African women do. I got a cot sheet and tied bub to my back with a knot at top and bottom - look on you tube if you need the idea. I did that until Thing 2 and Thing 3 were about 21/2. There were times that was the only way I could get dinner done. I used to pass bits of food over my back! At any age they were soothed by the movement and my heartbeat, as well as being tightly tied up like being swaddled. They could see what I was doing. But most of all - my hands were free and I could get things done.

Previous long winded poster here again. Other things that used to work for me were letting him play in the baby bath inside the shower stall while I cleaned the bathroom or folded washing at the bathroom bench. Top up with nice warm water as they kick it out enjoying themselves and love to start again and you'll buy yourself another 10 minutes. Put sultanas in one of those treat cups and give it to them in the living room so mess is minimised while you have 5min to put away toys and books. Put them in the highchair in the bathroom with you and give them the junk mail to shred while you shower (my Mum didthis with me all those years ago). I even took the highchair into the yard with sultanas to do short jobs when I was desperate before walking was such a good distraction. Good luck!

My little fella was the same. Teething times were extra clingy and he was over 12 months before naps improved. He would only sleep on me in the daytime prior to that. I used to have my hubby take him to the park once a week for a swing etc. They'd walk there with the pram and take the long way home looking at cars and pets around the neighbourhood so I could have 2 hrs to burn through the dust, vac, mop and then shower and do bathroom at the same time. I'd wear him in my manduca carrier to hang the washing or get it in as he'd scream if I put him on a blanket on the grass in the shade right near me. Did groceries the same way till he could go in the trolley seat. I would put him in the highchair and give him the plastic measuring cups to bash or stack while I did quick wash ups or put away air dried dishes. I could only do ironing and cooking once he was asleep for the night. When I say asleep for the night, I mean I had 2hrs to run around like a maniac tidying up, cooking and washing up before he'd be awake for boobies and often I'd have to bring him to bed as he wouldn't re settle. Unfortunately, some of them are just like that. The only upside that I can see is the huge amount of cuddles you are forced to give, and end up accepting and eventually enjoying, and later miss as you've got so used to them when they have the nerve to start walking, becoming more independent exploring the house, garden etc under your watchful eye as you iron, dust and almost catch up on things. Then they're so tired from all that they actually nap! In their cots! Sometimes for an hour! Good Lord! When did you last have an uninterrupted hour? Day or night?! Night sleep slowly improves too. My house is clean sometimes now. I sleep in the arvo when he does as he's still up in the night multiple times (twice is a good night in our case!) and he is a huge explorer requiring lots of close, fast reacting supervision. I can often weed or fold dry washing in the yard while he kicks the ball, dust while he plays with toys in the living room etc. When hubby is around during the day or arvo I cook dinners that last two nights - I make 2 of them at once and stash one in the freezer for a time when he's not around and Mr Clingy has a shocker! You'll find what works for you. It nearly drove me mad but I got through a month on my own when hubby went overseas with friends. Gave me a new respect for all the single parents out there. As for the light sleeping, try playing a radio softly near the cot. Took my little fella a few weeks to get used to it but now he doesn't wake up due to normal household noise, renovation nearby or loud trucks and bikes passing. If bubs sleeps in your room, change the station every so often or you'll get soooo sick of it! Ha ha! Best wishes!

It can be hard and very frustrating but it won't last forever. Im assuming this is your first bub? They are always the hardest as there are no other little helpers to entertain. Hang in there I have no tips or secrets to share but before long bubs will be mobile and eager to explore (that presents a whole new set of challenges!) But the best advice given to me was I should lower my expectations on how the house should look and what I should be doing. It took me a long time to get that but now my youngest of 4 is 2 I'm wondering where my babies went! Good luck

This is normal for 8 months old and it really is difficult and frustrating trying to live with a messy house.

Lots of different things to try but consider asking for help. Invite a friend or family member over to help play with your bub while you get some housework done. People understand. If they have kids of their own they will know. We've all been there. We never all for help anymore but the saying is true, it takes a village. Don't be ashamed or too proud.

In fact, psychological studies have proven people like being asked for help and it strengthens friendship so go for it.

Its time to separate her a bit. I have 4 kids and when they become to clingy I just have to let them cry it out. Ill set up some toys have there fav show on and get on with things. Its so hard at the start and mummy quilt eats you alive but The world doesn't revolve around the baby. The sooner they figure that out the better. It makes life that little easier for everyone. Once you have done what you need sit on the ground and play and cuddle. They will know you still love them.

My 4 month old screams bloody murder if I put him done, I baby wear, tula or an ergo are the best and most comfy so ive heard

Mine is exactly the same. I would love to ba able to clean the house while she's playing but as soon as I move away she cries and doesn't like naps if I finally get her to nap I still can't clean too much because she won't sleep long or any little noise wakes her. I've tried baby wearing and when she was smaller it was fine but now she's nine months old she doesn't like it.

9mnth boy, same situation. It's awful. But I found play school gave me a few minutes away. House isn't clean, but I could unpack the dishwasher alone! Or a mum-mum rice biscuit.

Get a good sling and carry her close. she is probably teething and so her immune to is under stress. If you are breast feeding, take a good high strength zinc supplement, loads of vitamin D and magnesium. Support her little system to cope and she will be much more relaxed.

Same! But I have twins!
I can only clean when they are a sleep..

TV is great for getting things done, let them play with the contents of the cupboard of the room you are cleaning, have a box or bucket with unusual objects they don't normally play with, ask hubby for help - this is the time I learnt I had to ask for help, pick a time when they are most settled to get things done, can you utilize day care occasionally? I have booked bub in a few times for extra days othe r then my work days and everyone is happy and it is not frustrating trying to get things done. we dont have family here so is difficult to drop bub off somewhere. Also sometimes it it a mixture of play clean play clean etc when they are clingy, my bub was a cat Napper but at that age started to outgrow it. Now we wear her out and she has a 2-3 he sleep in the middle of the day,