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My partner's daughter (we don't live together) accidentally left a used pad in her knickers and put them in the laundry basket. He expected me as a woman to deal with it. I am squeemish and suggested just throwing the undies out. Was it his responsibility as a father to deal with it, or mine as a woman?
This doesn't normally happen, I'm sure it was just an accident, not going to embarrass her over it


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When I was 11 I went to go for a bike ride with my friends and as I walked past my dad he saw I had a blood spot on my shorts, he pulled me aside and said "go change in to new shorts babe and gimme those so I can get the sard soap on em!".

My dad was a manly man, a gender role demanding, vice president of a bikie gang and still scrubbed my period pants for me without batting an eyelid.

 Love this
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 THAT is a man 👌
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 Well done Dad. 👍🏻🙂

Your partner should have done the same. Maybe make a new rule that before putting pants in the washing basket, please make sure all pockets are emptied, pants are in the right way & undies removed from inside them.
That should stop it happening again.

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At his own house..
and he called you to come over and do it? Hahaha nope. That kind of man baby behaviour would make my vagina shrivel up and die.

 ^^^ IM WITH HER 🙌🏻🙌🏻
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 ^ Totally agree. Ridiculously immature.
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Put the undies in the rubbish. Why make anyone (her, hubby or yourself) uncomfortable over it??! Easy fix!!

 He did, and her trousers too.
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Honest mistake on part of the daughter but it was his responsibility to deal with it. He needs to grow up and stop acting like a teenage boy, freaking out about period blood.

 I am a woman and I freak out about others period blood
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 So if your daughter accidentally left her pad stuck to her undies you’d choose to point it out to her, very likely resulting in her feeling a lot of shame and embarrassment, rather than just chuck it out yourself?
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If I'd been in that situation as a step-mother I'd have just chucked them in the bin. You don't seem very motherly towards your step-child. Not meaning to roast you but look on the situation if it happens again as if she's your child. Also I wouldn't make a big deal anyway I'm sure it was an honest mistake.

 She wasn’t even at the house because they don’t live together. Her partner expected her to drive over there and take care of it because he’s a big baby-man
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 I MIGHT agree with you that she should have just chucked it away, IF she was the one that found it and for that she would have to be there.. which she wasn't even so it doesn't matter.
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Why can't both of you just be like hey you forgot to take ur pad out, here's a bin for the Toilet/bathroom/bedroom for you to put ur rubbish in for the future

He should have taken the pad off and binned it. If you were at the house, you could have. But you weren’t so he should have. Saying this, my husband is so squeamish about periods he doesn’t even want me to say the word. I have a lot of work to do before our two girls start menstruating.

Why can’t the mum deal with it ? Personally I wouldn’t have any trouble with it.

 So call his cell ex wife?
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How do you leave a pad on clothing?!

 I didn't see it, but I think you know when kids take their undies and pants off at the same time, and they are all bunched up in a ball with the undies on the top. You have to pull them apart before washing.
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I’m a bit on the fence here! I think I would be super embarrassed/uncomfortable if my father had to talk to me about periods, boobs, hairy legs etc growing up as I’m sure he would’ve felt the same. Maybe it’s a cultural thing but in my family mum/females took care of those things.
You don’t need to make a drama about it, mention it next time she’s around and tell her you’ve had the same thing happen to you have a giggle and move on.

 I don't think it needs mentioning, it only happened once.
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Totally an accident I have done it before. If I was in your situation I would have just grabbed the pad (with gloves on) and thrown it out. I would then mention to her to double check her clothes before putting them in the basket. But it is unfair of him to expect you to do it. And as her father he could have just done exactly what I would have done. Its just blood, perfectly normal menstral blood I am also assuming his daughter wasn't there to fix this mishap up

 She was at her mum's.
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 And I just read you weren't there either so he should do it.
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 Yes, he asked very to come over. I said no. He ended up throwing the lot out.
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 Yeah I think that's too far... Would make me rethink a lot of things to be honest
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Its neither of yours. It's hers. No need to make her embarrassed. All women (most) get a period. Just ask her to kindly remove and pop in the bin. If you're uncomfortable you'll make her uncomfortable.

 She wasn't there. Actually neither was I.
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Eww he called you about this. Yeah it no doubt freaked him out, he. Puked have just binned it.
My dad would never have touched this, probably would have kicked it into my bedroom and chucked a towel on it.
Just mention to her to check her pockets for tissues etc and make sure she throws out her pads before putting cloths in the wash. Maybe say you accidentally put it in the wash and it went everywhere like a washed tissue. Don’t involve her dad in the conversation 😉