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Is there a serial killer in Canada ?

Hubby thinks the police officer son performed murder suicide


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What makes he think that? Is he there investigating? Does he have access to the police files? There are two other missing people in the same area and a third deceased they think might now be connected. So yeah, serial killer is more possible

 He’s an armchair investigator. Plus, he’s a man, so he thinks he knows everything.
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 The two men on the run are the killers
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 ^ well yeah everyone knows that now but 3 days ago police thought they might have been victims too. Obviously though, ops hubby is wrong.
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What we dont hear about is all the Native Indian women who have been murdered over the years. The police there know there is at least one serial killer on the loose, probably more, killing over the last 30 years, operating with impunity because there has been inaction from authorities, and at least 20 victims, but it never hits the news here.
There is only a big fuss now because it is foreign white tourists who have been killed.

 I’ve heard all about that, there are quite a few documentaries on it and it is out there in my opinion. . Though not this loudly, and it sucks
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 It’s news here because it’s an Australian killed.
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There are over 36 million people in Canada, so there would be a serial killer or several!

They had no reason to murder/suicide. Young, she'd just graduated college, he'd just moved to start a new job overseas & they were spending their time traveling. It seems they loved life.

As for the serial killer, we only get misinformation from the media & 'serial killer' headlines get attention. So without being privy to the police files we don't know what's going on until the police announce they've solved it.

Either way it's devastating for their loved ones.

So how do you account for the third body found not far? I wouldn’t speculate but I Just don’t think he would do that. I think they’ve been murdered. Will be following the case

This case is high profile cause the Mans dad is in police force and bet tax payers for the trip to Canada 🇨🇦

  Who cares who pays??! His son was murdered for Christ's sake, have some bloody compassion woman!!!
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 You’re a di*****d. Tax payers don’t pay for police officers kids. Jealous , thoughtless idiot.
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