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Why do some people go home after work and later to the shops ? Wouldn’t you go to the shops before you go home


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For introverts they use the down time to recharge for the next lot of social interactions.

I go home after work to change/shower before I go to the shops. After work I’m gross and sweaty. I don’t want to go shopping like that.

I like to go home and have some alone time with the toys before the family get in for for the evening. It's a good way to unwind and relax before a few hours of chaos. A bit of self care never hurts anyone. Then we hit the shops and do dinner and whatever else

 I like to put on comfy clothes at home
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 I have scruffy comfy clothes for home, and it takes me less than a minute to change into decent ones, well decent enough for shopping anyway.
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Have you been to the shops at 5.30!? Utter chaos, no no i go at 8 when everyone else is at home!

My ex would come home for 3 Hours and go out to buy smokes