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Hi everyone, I've had a REALLY shite day. Any chance we can put aside all the nastiness and trolling to share something funny about your day?

Or embarrassing. I don't mind. I can't handle any negativity that's here lately. So funny, stupid, embarrassing shite only. Cheer up this old mole 😁


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I wet the bed after having a toilet dream...
Try explaining that to the husband hahah

 Argh I have toilet dreams all the time. I wake up in a hell of a panic. Luckily for me though I haven't had any accidents so far *touches wood*
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I farted during my staff meeting last night. It was so loud and long.

I had the sudden urge to sneeze right after I put a huge fork load of rice into my mouth. Tried so hard to stop it. Couldn’t. Tried so hard to keep my mouth shut. Couldn’t. I sent rice and snot flying all over the table, my arm and my iPad. Luckily everyone else had finished their dinner and had left the table.

My daughter asked me why my breasts are not tied up. Walking around with not bra / top on ... trying to find a bra

One of the kids i babysit was being silly and asked me the best way I could knock him out. I told him, "I'd give you a forearm smash!" He replied, "Whose arms are the other 2?" 😂😂😂

My 11yr old answered the self serve check out when it said no cash out at this terminal do you wish to continue with a very loud YES! I cracked up and then explained its not voice avtivated!

 Hahaha great job little champ!! Thanks mate, aren't they beootiful 😂❤
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 I answer them all the time lol. Especially when they say ' unexpected item in the bagging area' I'm always growling haha.
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I saw kangaroos tonight while on holiday. Cheered us all up! Woo! Can make kids laugh trying to ‘chase’ kangaroos. Not really; we were no way near them and I know ho dangerous they can be. But we ran along from a distance and j pretended to chase. Gave my little people some giggles. 😍

 Haaaa no sh*t bless em for trying and you even more for pretending!! Mums are the best fakers:)
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 Damn right we are. Who knew that was in the mum job description ☺️ The things we do for them hey.
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