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Guests wanting to invite more people to your occasion- advice please?

If you invite someone to your family function (Xmas or Easter) and they want to bring along their family- siblings, parents (that you don't even know), How do politely say no without it causing a fuss?


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We always get a few extras in the extended family - like an aunt’s mother in law who would be alone otherwise, or friends visiting from overseas and it’s never been a problem. However, everyone brings food and if there is a secret Santa the person bringing them brings extra gifts for their guests. We also take turns hosting, so it always seems to work out.

 Yes my household is the same. Everyone brings a plate and BYO drinks so it's never that much of a fuss. I do up a menu a few weeks prior and tell guests who needs to bring what dish (salad, potato bake or whatever - nothing extravagant) We always have way too much food so there is always room for more people. I would think of it as extended family, meeting new people and sharing new experience with new people. Why not just go with it? They could turn out to be amazing people x
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I wouldn't. I get sick of being left with all the work Why wood i want to pick up after extras i don't know

Are they inviting people you don't know? Is that the problem?

 Yes. People I don't know. I just don't want my children around people I don't know, in my home. I am very protective.
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Ask them to contribute food and drink to help make up for it, and if you do secret Santa, they are responsible for that too.

That is downright rude!! Surely people aren't that rude?!!!
If it was me I'd withdraw their invitation for being disrespectful.