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If money was no object.

If money was no object what would be the one thing that you would buy. Dont be practical and say a house or car. Mine would be a huge saltwater aquarium with seahorses.


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Deserted tropical island with luxury accomodation for just me & my nearest & dearest with everything we will ever want and need

I have to agree with you on the sea horses. Always wanted them but the only pet shop within an hr from us is a rip off and charges $200 per seahorse and for that price I'd be too worried about killing them

 Or an indoor play centre for adults that are big kids lol
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 I love the adult play centre idea too. I love bouncy castles lol
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OP I love the play center idea
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I'd commission for a giant chess set. Like building size.

I would take over the makers of Nutella and eat all my profits! Mwahaha 😉

A packet of tim tams and a cup of tea brought to me in my room. Right. Now

I was thinking about this today - I'm so boring I would go and get more degrees at uni. F**k you HECS. And I would get new boobs cause I think they're a bit small. And lipo on my fat legs

A theme park and my family would live in a section of the hotel inside the theme park with housekeeping, room service and of course a kids club for my kids to enjoy when they want a break from the rides :)

An apartment in a few cities. And staff to go with them. And a nice car and a driver.

My own jet so I could fly wherever, a huge house in all my fav places in the world complete with chefs and maids! Cosmetic surgery!

 Yes! Cosmetic surgery! Mummy needs to rid of that disgusting stretched tummy.
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A plane, with lessons to fly. A farm/property with staff and a masseuse.

A pet panda and a personal assistant, maid, cook and husband.

OP A pet panda would be awesome
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I find it hard to think beyond practical these days so I'll give you the boring answer. A cleaner, a cook, a nanny, a gardener.

a tropical island not sure if I would live there or just use as a holiday island :)