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Housewarming gift single 20yolds

Please help me I'm looking for a housewarming gift for my younger sisters they moved into an apartment don't have much right now I don't want to get anything big like furniture without them as they need to have a say in something they will use everyday see all the time ect. I don't really know what to get?


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If it's their first time living out of home I'd put together a washing basket with lots of every day items like a whisk, pegs, etc.

Nice wine glasses, platter/fruit or salad bowl, good fry pan, cutlery set, dinner set, coffee mugs, nice candle (ecoya or similar)

Do a gift basket with bits and pieces in it, i gifted a friend a box with foil, cling wrap, dish washing liquid, flavoured coffee sachets, laundry liquid, cloths, candles etc

I moved out just before my 20th and had a combined house warming and 20th birthday party.
Id say a kmart voucher.
Unless you do want to spend abit kitchenwarehouse and others often have really awesome discounts on good brand pots and knives

Gift card so they can buy their own stuff - if you know where they are keen to shop you can get a gift card for there eg. Ikea, super amart or Coles/Myers or woollies. I also like the washing basket hamper idea - I'd throw in a box of chokkies and about of wine or sparkly 😊

Medicine cabinet supplies. Bandaids, headache meds, peroxide etc.