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I ran over my son's dog. How do I break the news?

He has down syndrome. I told him the dog is at the vet.


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Dog wasn’t feeling well and the vet couldn’t fix him

 This is good. Don't tell him that you ran over the dog.
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So sorry for your loss. Unfortunately it's the perfect opportunity for you to teach him about death... yes he's going to be sad. Not sure if you need to tell him you ran him over. However my dad accidentally ran over our much beloved cat when I was a kid and I didn't resent him for it. Good luck hun. Having a backyard funeral could help get his head around it too.

Disabled people should not have pets

 Trolls should stay under bridges you are sad and pathetic to say such thing
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Don’t tell him the truth, someone in my family ran over our much beloved puppy. I can’t remember who ran him over and never resented them but just imagining his death has stayed with me.
My friends son has Down’s syndrome he is very sensitive it will make him really sad. Just say he got very sick and died at the vets you can still teach him about death but don’t tell him it was run over. Also don’t let him see the dead body it will be too much for him. We can protect our children life is hard enough.

Just sit him down and tell him the truth and say that it was a terrible accident he still needs to learn that accidents happen and that pets can die death is a part of life and the vet tried everything to save him

OP It's just so hard to break it to him, I feel like he will never forgive me
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 Maybe given his personal issues don’t tell him you ran over him. Some children in his situation hang onto those things
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