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Non toy present ideas

Am after some ideas for a 7yo and 3 yo that aren't just more toys. Could be experiences science stuff etc. (located in Tas)

Edu/science/hands on based stuff would be awesome too


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A year long membership to the zoo, aquarium, pool, or museum. Art, music, dance classes. There are lots of subscription boxes that each week/fortnight/ month send a new box with all kinds of goodies and activities depending on what you purchase. Science ones and art one etc

OP Subscription boxes would be a major hit! Any cool ones you can recommend? (We have daily woes over never receiving any mail!)
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 There is as great S.T.E.M. one for the bigger kids. If you googled S.T.E.M. Subscriprion you'll find it. For the the littke one, my kids got Sweet Pickles packs every month at that age. I don't know of they're still around
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 There's one called Little Passports. They're fantastic 🙂
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My daughters favourite present this year was .... a 'money tree' she keeps at the front door! Haha her Aunty got her the same thing as her nanna and only found out on the day of her party so she grabbed one of her own plants off her porch and painted the pot. Well it was a hit!

I just got my 3yr old and 5 yr old a box of dress ups. They love it

My mother got us for Christmas, a family membership to the local pool. It was fantastic because it meant that swimming lessons where cheaper as well because I didn't have to pay for entry. It gave us something to do during the holidays and my kids went in leaps and bounds with their swimming after all the practise they were getting. Another idea if they are into sports is membership to their favourite team or my son is getting football lessons for his birthday because that is what he wants.

I have requested things to do as gifts instead of toys and got passes to play cafes and things like bounce. Was fantastic!

My sister gave my son swimming lessons it's a two week intensive course (so 10 lessons in a row) only for 3 and up it was amazing how well it worked he can now swim/is safer. Going to the pool every day at 9am after drop off was hard work haha but worth it

Answered by OP

Thanks everyone! Some really great ideas

So far we are going for a voucher book for local playcentre, kids magazine subscription, camping things and an electronic device for the 7yo

3 yo - play doh, looking into kindergym or more swimming lessons, camping things and an electronic device

What a great idea, Am thinking of requesting no toys for my kids this Christmas. Will request experiences or possibly a contribution towards a cubby house.

I'm making my 4 year old a fairy garden for her birthday this year. Not a conventional plants and flowers type garden. More like a zen garden that she can decorate and redecorate with pretty rocks and shells etc. Coloured sand and wishing stones will be the main component but a small fairy house and a few other bits n pieces will add some nice finishing touches. For outdoor play only but i am using old baking trays so it will be transportable to a degree and only kept undercover.

 This is an awesome idea! I've tried explaining to my husband what I envision as a faerie garden, but can never get the right words. Zen garden is perfect. You've summed it up beautifully, thank you. Now I'll just copy and paste lol.
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-volcano making kit
-camping stuff like sleeping bag, torch, tent etc
-bug catching kit
-guitar and lessons

3 year old - play dough, bubbles, bath toys, a gymnastics (Kindergym) session.
7 year old - books, or maybe a sport/music coaching session??

I love the idea of experiences rather than presents.
I'd check out aquariums, zoos, museums etc like somebody else said. Depends on what stuff you have on offer where you live. I think you'll find though that a 3 year yeah old may not need A membership to go to some places. Where I live a lot of things you only pay from age 5 and above.

 I forgot to add if you are happy to travel a bit have a look at things in the next town over or a few hours away. If it isn't too far or you don't mind driving then you could make it a whole/half day trip whenever you go.
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