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Husband and I separating

My husband And I have decided to separate, we’ve been married for 9 years and have a four year old daughter, I don’t know where to begin and what to do? My husband is probably going to rent a room with a friend whilst I stay in out home with our daughter. I’m studying at the moment and will be studying for probably another year or even two before I can get a decent job, he says he wants to support me financially while I do this until I can become independent and he doesn’t want our daughter to have to miss out on anything so wants to keep the money situation pretty much as is. What do I do first? What benefits would I be able to claim from Centrelink? I want to rely on his money as little as possible and hurry up and complete my studies so I can get a decent job, it’s hard as my daughter isn’t even in kindy yet and I haven’t worked in way over ten years? Any help would be appreciated....I just feel lost and scared


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I am on the same position but we’re still living in one house because first i couldnt afford to move out as i just lost my job and wanted to finish the school year for my eldest who has autism. i just had twins too. I’ve applied for seperation under one roof but i dont wanna get my hopes high as most people say it’s hard to get accepted eventhough im really in need of it. Apparently it’s not up to us to prove it but it will be based on their assessment. We have been sleeping in different rooms, have our own bathrooms and i have no choice with the finances, i still need to rely on him as ive got nothing. I’ve been very honest with the filling out the form, maybe too honest. As i would still include him when i cook meals. I couldnt prove that im independent, but how could i? Ive applied for child support but havent heard from them until now. Contact centrelink first thing in the morning coz you’ll be waiting for awhile, and they will tell you to lodge claims online as soon as possible because it takes awhile for them to process it.

For some awesome financial tips follow on Facebook “Financial Divorce Chick - Leisa Quagliata”. She’s an amazing wealth of knowledge to help you get through. Good luck xx

Go to centrelink and apply for Austudy - you can do this online. I think they prefer it to be done that way.
Secondly go to a solicitor with as much information as you can about your relationship, assists, debt etc and whatever other questions you have to find out where you stand within the relationship and heed their advice.
Make sure when you do officially divorce that you make all financial agreements official and in writing so there is no loose ends

I would say protect yourself. If he met someone new, or anything turned bad he would probably change his mind about how much he will support you, and it may be sudden which would leave you high and dry. I wouldn’t live above my means (Centrelink and what he would be expected to pay if it came through child support). If you stay in the house can you on your own afford rates, maintenance, mortgage etc.?