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Met someone unusual, not really a regular situation - not really sure if it’s right

I had been in a long term relationship that only recently broke up due to the fact we grew apart
I met a new man through work who is nothing like my usual type
He is a floating freelance accountant who essentially works for himself
He is in his mid 30s and his personal secutary is his mum and his dad does back of house work for him as well
He still lives at home as well and is extremely close to his entire family
I dunno if these things are problems or not but to me they throw red flags and he is not like anyone I have ever met
Other than that he is sweet, kind and incredibly generous
I have been lucky enough to spend a bit of time with him which has been great but i find myself putting the breaks on and pulling away because I’m just not sure
I think this could be something incredible


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What is his living situation like at home? Does he fend for himself or is mum doing everything? i thinkthat is nice if he is living at home and has a good relationship with his parent, I would be a bit cautious if mum was doing everything for him though. Also one thing to think about is, the future. What would happen if you do live together. Is he going to be ok living seperately from his parents or would you be expected to live there too?

 ^This. And in his 30’s, is he supporting his parents? Is he taking care of them? (Sweet, but you might be expected to join him caring for his parents rather than having a life together), or are his parents supporting and caring for him? (You may be expected to help his parents look after him). Find out if he sees a future seperate to his mum and dad, or if he expects to just bring someone into the lifestyle he already has.
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Just be mindful that if it does get serious and you move in together, it is going to be one hell of a shock to him. Remembering that his mum and dad do everything the way he grew up with it; he's never lived with anything different. Moving in with someone else for the first time and realising how differently people do things is going to be a real eye opener (the sort of thing you realise in your teens/early 20's when you have your first housemate who drives you nuts because they leave their dishes on the sink instead of just rinsing it off straight away like you do, along with all their other weird little habits).

Don't write him off. Just keep it casual and proceed with caution. Maybe even discuss your concerns with him? See how he takes it when you're honest about your feelings.

Listen to your gut. Us women often ignore it to our own detriment because we don't trust it.

He might be a real jewel. I'd go with it for a while and see how it pans out.

You either trust your intuition and run, or you have an open mind and see where it could go

What is odd about a close family and living at home? I wouldn’t think that’s unusual. Give him a go, have an open mind.... if you let him go because of judgements then you might regret it.

If he is an accountant he probably has invested his money. If things work out I am pretty sure you won’t be living at mummy and daddy’s house.
I would give it a go and see where it could lead if he is sweet and kind as you say who wouldn’t want a man like that?

It's definitely unusual. I would keep it casual and see how it goes. There is nothing worse than dating someone and finding out his umbilical cord hasn't been cut yet.

What's his reason for still living at home?

 He says he just did not see the point to live alone, he had never really considered a relationship as he puts so much of himself into his work
He is not a pub guy and does not have heaps of mates

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