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Anglican Church and Same Sex couple as Godparents?

Me and my Husband have chosen to ask our best friends to be Godparents of our daughter, they are a same sex (male) couple.
I have done a little Googling and all I've really found is that the church like three God Parents per child, two if the same sex but I can't find anything about Homosexuality in Godparents. Obviously asking just one would be a problem, they are not feminine or flamboyant in any way at all, but when they are obviously a couple I suppose it gets a bit more obvious, lol.
I have no intentions of asking them, only to be refused and then have to have an awkward conversation. But I'm also very adamant that they be the Godparents.
Does anyone know if it would be acceptable?


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It depends where you are partially. The Diocese of Sydney for example is very conservative, whereas the Diocese of Gosford is less so. Talk to the church before you organise anything and find out exactly where you stand. Quick phone call to the parish office, maybe a meeting and ask all your questions.

OP So unlike the Catholic Church, Anglican Ministers are allowed to have their own opinions?
I know that the minister who married us years ago (have since moved interstate) supported Gay Marriage.
Great idea for a phone call meeting... Thank you

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 Yeah, my understanding is the Anglican Church works very differently in its structures - but I'm not sure how exactly. I just have a very conservative friend who is a part of the Sydney Diocese but 'wouldn't be an Anglican is she lived outside of that diocese'.
I married into a Catholic family and just dealt directly with the parish office when it came to wedding and baptism - they were great.

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Dont have god parents officially in the church. Put in your will who you want to care for the kids in the event of your death and just informally appoint the god parents. Save the whole hassle and will actually be legally binding instead of ceremonious

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Thanks for the responses every one.
I'm not actively in the church, I am baptised though.
I agree that it is bullshit I have to worry, I have also unfortunately been told that 'I allow my children around paedophilles' because they are around my kids.

This is bullshit... and its awful that you have to have these questions. I would say that Anglicans are a lot more progressive than other denominations... but there can be exceptions. Do you go to this church yourself? If so, then I guess you wold know the opinions of the clergy there. If not, then I guess don't bring it up, and have your friends as godparents like you wish. Mostly, all the church really needs to know is, if they are baptised (as I believe that this is a requirement) and generally good people. Its not like you'd introduce a hetro godparent as 'This is Jack, I'd like him to be god parent, and by the way, he's straight'. So why would you have to say that your friends are gay?

It should be easier with marriage equality. I don’t see what’s the problem. Or why you need three people?

 lol marriage equality has nothing to do with church.
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