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Open inspection

Have you requested agent to see people’s identification and write down their details?


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Happens every time in Vic

 Not the property I rent
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 Everytime we've been to one in Vic had to give license or some sort of photo id
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I went to an open house today. Real estate agent was downstairs not caring. Anyone could have taken anything, it's total bullshit, someone should be with potential buyers or tenants at all times.

I've never been to an open home where l had to show ID. Just been asked for name and phone number. I feel that if I got asked for ID it'd change the first impression of the house, would feel off putting. Although if the house was nice enough I'd get over it haha

They won't as it puts off their buyers. The most they will get is a name and number which may be fake anyway. If the agent lets you try to arrange pre booked times for individuals over open houses to reduce the chances of theft. Bookings have to confirm a working phone number and are the only ones present so a more secure option.

Robberies are really common. Secure all keys, ID, personal documents (birth certificate/passport), jewellery, small easy to rob technology etc outside of your home/in your sight at all times. After they leave check that all windows and doors are locked (some thieves will leave a door/window unsecured to rob you later).

Look at your lease. It may pay to end the contract early. We've taken this option when they have tried to swap to a periodic lease/had over 6 months left of them wanting these. Sometimes the fee to end the lease early is better than the cost of replacing stuff if robbed.

Rental insurance won't pay for theft from an open home as you invited them in (without choice).