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Rude receptionist

A drs I normally go to quite exclusively has a newish receptionist who is rude, has a horrible telephone manner and makes you feel like an inconvenience when trying to book an appointment.

Today I'm in such a down mood I really didnt want to ring up and deal with her so I have found somewhere else to go and try and the receptionist didn't make me feel like an inconvenience at all.

I then realised it was a weird reason to stop going to a dr, the dr himself is the best i have ever had and it's just the receptionist I really should've just sucked it up and made an appointment at my regular place.

Which got me wondering if I was the only weirdo in the world or if a rude receptionist would make you consider leaving your dr/ dentist/ lawyer too??


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No it wouldn't, but I would consider telling my doctor at the next appointment. If you're feeling this way, I bet their is a whole lot of other patients who are too! You're not doing your doc or the practice any favours by not letting them know about the receptionist

 I agree with telling the doctor.
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I do it all the time, I hate rude staff. Now I'm unemployed it actually pisses me off that these people with shitty customer service skills can be employed but I can't. I've only ever had compliments about my customer service. You really need to put a complaint in though, they need to know they've lost a patient because of her.

If the receptionist does their job, even with appalling manners, I'd suck it up for the sake of a good doctor. They are as rare as hens teeth.

 This, sadly. Tho i have changed dentist
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I've had this before but with the accounts lady. She stuffed up and was so rude, called me names and had me in tears, hung up on me. When I called back and said I'd talk to anyone but her the other receptionists were totally on my side and said she was always rude to people like that. Speak up! There's no need for he to be like that.

Tell the practice manager. Enough complaints will result in her getting some training or the sack.

 Yeah I’m getting this hasstle from the receptionist manager
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Tell your doctor and phone and speak to the practice manager. Its very important to keep consistently going to a doctor you know as they will have a better background and understanding of your medical history.

It would annoy me but I would suck it up. If it's a really good doctor I wouldn't let a minute or so worth of rudeness interfere with me seeing my preferred doctor, especially seeing I'm making an appointment to see the doctor not the receptionist

Contact the practice manager and let them know. I was a practice manager and often got caught up in the back office and didn't get to hear enough of what was going on at the front desk. Some staff will cover for others, but management needs to know if there is someone who either needs more training or replacement. It's not just professionalism - people like that can be a medicolegal risk and no one wants that!

I would make a complaint, good doctors are hard to find and i bet you aren't the only person who feel like that about her

No but I'd give what I got and if she was bad enough if definantly inform the Dr.

I am a big fan of I beg your pardon, put me through to your supervisor now!

 Righto Karen
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 Really i think that's rude
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Some people just have a different manner, you may find it rude if you compare her to someone overly nice

 No. Rude is rude
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 F**k you lady - that was rude
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She's probably overworked & that cheap sob is too cheap to put anyone else on

My husband has a rude receptionist and I have asked him to speak to her about her rudeness. He didn’t want to tip the scales and wanted to remain neutral. That is until I said that he could speak to her and address this professionally or I could speak to her the next time she was rude to me. I don’t think it’s weird to want to go somewhere else if the first point of contact is awful. After all they are the first impression. I don’t agree with just sucking it up either. I believe we stand for what is appropriate for ourselves but still maintaining kindness.

I changed my children's dentist solely due to the receptionists really poor interpersonal skills.