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Cost of day care

I know different factors influence cost, like cost of centre etc. But roughly what would I be looking at per day or week, if hubby and I are combined income of 70k? (if anyone in similar situation)
Can't afford to stay home on one income of 35k, but I'm worried daycare will actually cost us too much anyway


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Use the estimator on the centrelink site

 Didn't know there was one lol thanks
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You'll pay around $20-25 a day love x

 Why ?
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 Call Centrelink and ask.
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You shld have about 85% of your fees subsidised.... Which will work out to about $22-$25 per day you pay, depending on what your centres day rate is... Home based daycare can be cheaper, but its a personal choice wether or not you feel comfortable with home based or centre based

 Family day care isnt any cheaper in a lot of places. But if you only need a few hours it could be cheaper than paying for a full day if you find somebody who can do that. I had similar income to OP and worked normal hours and FDC was more expensive when I looked. Centre was, as you said about $25 per day.
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Thanks guys who offered help!

 X you go girl
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