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What kind of mum stereotype do you think you come across as? What kind would you like to be?

I feel like I come across as a "crunchy" mum (I eat granola, walk everywhere, babywear, usually go for the vegetarian options, etc). But I'd like to be one of those 50s mums who bakes pies and shit.


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Helicopter mum, the teachers think here we go again when they see me come. I am a teacher also so they know I will have a lot of questions and high expectations. I expect the best and try hard myself. Everyone thinks I have it all together with my routines and visuals but I don't. I swear a lot at home (it's habit and I can't seem to break it), I eat garbage and drink a little more than I should.

I like who I am because it makes me myself. The only thing I would change as a parent is myself. I have limited energy so I would like to change myself to be healthier but I will always be a helicopter mum who introduced themselves as "that" parent (the one that we all dread) because I am my kids advocate.

 Honestly you sound to me like a mum doing their best. You are self aware which is more than 90% of us can say!
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I would like to come across as mum who doesn't label everyone, though I do label school jumpers.

 🙂 hahaha you're a LABEL mum. Get it?
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When did women have time to define such things along as raise their babies 🤣

Fat ugly bogan who pops out babies every 4 years
F**k going to work

 My cousin has five kids born four years apart because she refuses to work. Her partner says when the youngest starts kindy she has to get a job so she pops out another baby to keep herself at home.
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 I personally don't understand this thinking. Getting a job is so much easier than dealing with 5 kids!
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 Totally agree with this statement!!!^^ I have 5 children and am so looking forward to starting work after being home with kids! Not to say that being at home with your kids is of no value. It absolutely is! But to have kids to avoid work?...when you have 5 kids, your whole life is work! Don't understand the thinking personally. Now cue troll, lol
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 ^^And how about that, there are people who have 5 kids and work!
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 Yeah, troll and how old are their kids?!
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 Why do you assume it's a troll? It could be a legit story?
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 I was talking to the person who had to point out that there are mothers of 5 that work. Of course there are, but the person is clearly having a dig. I knew as soon as I put up my reply, a troll would come and have a go, that's all. That's why I said "cue troll".
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Get a job

 Pfft you get a job you troll. If you had a decent job you wouldn’t be trolling ,or you hate your job so much you slack off and just surf the net and attack everyone
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 Is anyone else wondering whether Joe Hockey has taken up residence on this site?
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 Haha Touche 😂😂
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