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My son has no arms or legs and wants to have sex for the first time.

My 23 year old son is keen to loose his virginity and we want to organise a prostitute for him, obviously we want everything to be safe and proffesional, should we leave our house so he's home alone??


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Yes and get a reputable service who are used to dealing with people with disabilities.

Good for you. My 10 year old son has a prosthetic leg. He is already very nervous about how women will react to it. His mentor os a man who was an Olympic bound diver until he lost both arms in an accident. He went on to marry, have children, and have a successful career in finace. Sometimes we moms have to do strange things to help our children grow emotionally and physically. Good luck

Enquire with some brothels. You'll find there are some that offer services to people with disabilities.
Good on your for meeting your young man's needs!

What a wonderful thing your doing for your son just because of his disability doesn't mean he should miss out .

Yes but why can't he organise himself?
I agree with previous poster. Use a reputable company. There are girls that specialise in disabilities.

 Duh he has no arms or legs...
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 Research on the internet, there are services which specialise in people with disabilities and are experienced in assisting with the mobility aspects (e.g. moving from wheelchair to bed).
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 oops that was meant to be a comment on the post not a reply to your comment specifically.
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 To the first reply to this comment....he's disabled physically not mentally. He would be quite capable of organising this himself as I'm sure be would be set up with special equipment that help him make his own phone calls.
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It will really take going shoulder deep into a new level.