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Lying on dating site

I met a nice guy on dating site and we made plans to go out and he told me he can’t go the restaurant I mentioned
I thiught he was broke
He is in a wheelchair. Is lying or wheelchair or both a deal breaker for you ?


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I dont introduce my self as hi im ____ and i have chron's disease.
Not having it listed on his profile isnt lying at all.

People in wheelchairs are used to looking after themselves. You wont be his carer.
He probably cant go if its not accessible for wheelchairs. Who cares, ask him to choose somewhere that is accessible.

Poor guy. He probably mentioned his wheelchair before and got no dates. A wheelchair in itself wouldn’t be a dealbreaker for me. It would depend on the guy in it.

I'm trying to understand this your upset because he wasn't honest with you about being in a wheelchair? If that is the case if he is a nice guy it shouldn't matter if he is in a wheelchair and secondly just food for thought would you have gone out with him if he disclosed that to you? Sounds like he wanted you to get to know him without you focusing on his disability.

Lying about age is endemic on dating sites. So many people say they are 5 years younger than they are. And so many men have photos that are of them at least 15 years younger than the reality. From the complaints about it on mens profiles, women do exactly the same, especially as they get older. Most people get past that once they get to know the person, so a wheelchair should be no different - except the poor guy gets found out the minute you see him, not 3 months later.
If you are concerned about becoming his carer, ask him why he is in the wheelchair, and then read up about it online, if it is a medical rather than accident based cause, to assess what likelihood there is of that happening before dismissing him.
You said he was a nice guy, so he should be worth giving a go.

I just hope you don't say to him I don't want to go out with you because your in a wheelchair although I am sure any excuse you say he will see right through.

I don’t want to end up being his carer

 Well then clearly a guy in a wheelchair isn’t the one for you.
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 Hmm you don't sound very nice. He is not asking you to be his carer he has managed just fine before you came along. It is sad that you can't look beyond his wheelchair
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My now husband had a fake eye and had been picked on and judged his whole life. He didn’t tell me someone else did and it never bothered me one bit. He wanted me to get to know him first and I believe if this guy is an awesome person I wouldn’t be ending something just because he didn’t tell you straight up.

Wheelchair wouldn't be a deal breaker for me and I can understand him not mentioning it. He probably just wanted someone to give him a chance first rather than dismissing him from the get go.