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Financially screwed over

I had a messy divorce and was forced to go bankrupt. I spent my 20's working hard to set myself up financially. Now I'm in my 30's with kids its impossible to get ahead again. I have to let go of the idea that I will ever own a house, and the way my super is going retirement won't be till I am 80 years old. How have other people dealt with letting go of their dreams for the future?


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You don't have to give up the dreams, maybe just downsize them. Aim for a cheaper house, plan to add to your super once your kids are older and you need less to fall back on in emergencies. If your in your 30s you have at least another 30 years of working to build up super thats plenty of time if you salery sacrifice. Look at your budget and find ways to save money, we all have somewhere in our budget that we can cut corners and save the difference. See a financial planner for advice and if you want free advice the internet is full of ideas and tips for familys to save.

Send your kids to public school and live within your means and start of small.

You're only young. Plenty of time to work towards your dreams. Lots of great advice here from other posters. You can do it!

Don't give up on them. You never know what tomorrow brings. Richard Branson might turn up on your doorstep offering you millions. You don't know

You can do anything you put your mind to. Don't ever give up, there is no need. Make a realistic plan of what you would like for the future for yourself and your family. Do little things each day to help your dreams come true. Your future is in your hands. Make it happen!

Why are you giving up. If you work hard you will get promotions and pay rises and you could retire earlier and own your own home. Reach for the stars