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Bali Wedding,- No kids allowed. Would you leave them 25mis away with a Nanny?

We have booked flights for a family holiday to bali to celebrate a friends milestone birthday.
Another friend has also decided to get married while we are all there.
After I booked flights around both I got told no kids at the wedding.
The wedding will be 25mins away from anywhere I'd like to stay and the accomodation at the wedding venu is over our budget.

Would you leave the kids 25 mins away with a balanise nanny to attend a wedding? I cant do it but husband thinks I'm being dramatic.


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No way. Go with your gut instinct. You are their mother and protector. You don't have to justify this to anyone.

No I wouldn't. I would only do it if I could get the kids looked after at the same venue as the wedding. My kids wouldn't stay with a stranger anyway.

Maybe if you went through a proper accredited agency or maybe see if the venue has nanny's. Most hotels and places do

Right, so here's my idea:
One parent attends the ceremony, while the other stays with the kids nearby at a park or somewhere.
Then the parents switch and the other parent attends the reception (or at least part of it) while the first parent takes the kids back to the hotel/out for food/somewhere else.

I couldn't imagine a wedding without kids. I'm from a big italian family and children are such a big part of our celebrations. But, to each their own.

Update from OP there are no grandparents. And the resort shes chosen is $500 US A NIGHT.
Would you tell her you cant go?

 Yes, I would say you cannot go. I wouldn’t leave my children with some random person to attend a last minute wedding - trust your gut, you’re not being ‘dramatic’
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 Yep. If she asks why, I'd say logistically you can't make it work.
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 Wow. No kids. $500 a night. Yep, I’d say no
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 I'd skip the wedding. Bit rude to make it last minute and have no kids.
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 No way they're asking too much of you. They're wedding is not worth the gamble of your childrens safety.
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Nope. Not even with an accredited agency would I do it.

Maybe you can bring the grandparents along to babysit ?

I couldn’t do it either. Could you get one closer to the wedding, ideally at the place the wedding is? If I could pop in and out it would be better. Also, do you both need to attend the whole wedding? Could you just do the ceremony?
Also, how old are the kids? Maybe if one was a bit older and I could leave them with a working phone to text/call regularly?
Does nana, Aunty or grandpa have any intentions of travelling soon? A stopover in Bali for a few days may be just what they need lol

 Also, are there other friends in the same boat who might like to take shifts watching the kids?
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 ^^^ Madeline McCann PEOPLE!!!!
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A friend is going to Bali soon and she booked a nanny then friends told her who they used so she cancelled the nanny that was not recommended for one that was. We husband thought she was being dramatic because the one she selected came with amazing reviews. I think doing what made her comfortable is the right thing to do and so should you. Although having said ask friends of friends and relatives for anyone to provide you a recommendation of a nanny. Perhaps where you are staying at a hotel could provide you hotel guests that might be willing to give you a testamonial?

No, I absolutely would not and don’t think you should either. It’s not worth it, just don’t go to the wedding.

How old are the kids?

 OP: 4 years old and 1year old
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We used Remote Staff to try a VA (virtual assistant) from overseas. There might be a similar international service for Nanny's & Au Pairs. You could try googling or speak to your Travel Agent, other tourists would have been in a similar situation before. As another has said, some good Hotel's offer baby sitting, yours might, or where the Wedding is being held, email them.