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Have you distanced yourself from a friend because of the crap they put on social media?

I have a friend who has a medical condition. Lots of people , including myself, do but OMG if she posts one more thing about her disease I am going to loose it. I have blocked as much as possible while still remaining friends but when she sees I haven't responded to one of her disease posts she sends it to me in a fucking private message! She has already posted about it 38 times this month alone. Last month it was over a hundred times. The record one day was 7. Drives me mad. We know each other in real life as well and she has noticed that people aren't inviting her places anymore because she won't shut up about it and everyone is sick to death of if.


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That shit drives me mad. My friend has diabetes. I get it, it's hard but she posts about it at least 10x a day. No exaggeration!!!! Posts, memes, pictures, photos etc. I've unfollowed her because I can't deal.

 I hope nothing bad ever happens to you & you have no one around that gives a shit. It's called karma be careful.
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 ^^this lady is a FB oversharer and is mad that nobody cares. Look how many butthurt replies she's added to this thread calling people selfish and uncaring. Lady, everyone has problems, yours aren't more important.
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 I don't wallow with the pigs
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 Hahaha touched a nerve! You just confirmed that I was right. Knew it.
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 What that i don't value my entire life by how my friend count on Facebook? Or how many people like my posts? No that's sad shallow individuals like yourself.
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 No. What I meant was, you are one of them. The people that harp on about their problems on social media. Constant reminders to everyone about how tough you're doing it, mainly in the form of passive-aggressive inspirational quotes and dramatic but deliberately vague status updates. Fishing for people to say "omg are you ok what happened???" To which you reply "I've PMd you" because it's too secret to talk about in public (which is why you've posted it all over Facebook).
Anyway just letting you know: people might pretend to care, but nobody does. They've all got their own problems, but unlike you they don't use them to fuel their voracious need for attention and sympathy.

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 You could write a book you're so full of things you think you know but actually have no idea....yawn...i am impressed you have so much dedication to me to write such a long answer....i love you too...will we ever meet? I can only dream...i wish you love & light....
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 You can tell someone's lost the argument when they wish you love & light! Hahaha chillax lady I'm just messing with you. Whether or not you personally are an oversharer is beside the point. I just want the oversharers of the world to know this: the more you cry for attention, the LESS sympathetic everyone feels. So maybe dial it back a bit.
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I hate social media, I don't have one anymore but when I did it was the same posts of their children and sappy a*s messages. By the time people write that shit they could have had a whole convo with the person it's directed at. Also I am against posting pictures of kids online, once up, they aren't yours anymore. If you want to send pictures do it by email or post

Maybe that's her coping mechanism?
However some people are really attention seeking on social media. I have a friend who is so dramatic about her health, oh why me again, I'm always so sick, I'm broken. Etc but goes out and parties all weekend so I'm not sympathetic much anymore. Less sympathy prompts these I have no one but myself posts and quotes.

 There really is sooo much sympathy in the world 🙄. If she tops herself tomorrow do you think you'd feel bad? Some people just want a connection. Maybe she doesn't have a lot of close friends in her life. You all sound so horribly careless. I suggest you do some soul searching and try caring about other people a bit more, especially considering they're your "friends" on Facebook- or are they only good enough to make your friend count a bit higher?
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 So while I agree with you that some people are genuinely seeking a connection, my friend is someone who everything is either about her, or what's the point of her knowing about it. She's a lovely girl. But she's very immature. I do not fall for these attention seeking posts.
Do you wake up to pee at 2am and post "why me? Oh why am I up to use the bathroom again? I catch a break! I'll have to call in sick because I won't be by best in the morning"
"OMG I have an std AGAIN, why does everything unfair always happen to me"
So no, I don't have sympathy. A lot of the things she complains about at common sense, she just needs attention. After all, we live in a world of instant gratification.

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 And I don't have facebook, but she friended all my family, and shares the same posts instagram, snapchat, facebook.
How many times can you complain that you're sick again. When you were drinking all weekend, and youre sick because you're hungover?

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I unfollowed a friend because they kept posting sad child related new stories if I wanted to know I’d read or watch the news!

Find details of a support group for her condition, and post it to her. She may get the hint and may actually take it up and seek the help she needs, rather than piling on to others.

Yes! My good friend is such a victim, she’s always posting stuff about ‘poor me’ etc she’s stopped whinging to me in person & prefers to post her problems publicly as she gets more sympathetic responses

 She's clearly in pain & needs some help. She stop trying to talk to you because of your attitude. You might need to reevaluate calling her your good friend, she might be to you but you certainly aren't to her.
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If she is your ground be honest and tell her it's too much. She's wallowing and probably attention seeking. My guess is its a mental health condition she uses to justify being lazy.

 It is neurological so mental health is part of it but that is still no excuse. Definitely attention seeking. I have Parkinson's and so far the only people who know are my doctors and my husband and my children. I will tell others when they need to know. I have no interest in being a walking, talking, posting billboard.
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 And now we know
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I’m currently having a break from Facebook because of the things I see posted on people’s pages that are the complete opposite to the persons situation in real life. So over Facebook

Yes I have. It wasn’t an illness, just constant messages of being hurt and saddened and poor me stuff.

Why do you be a good friend and tell her?
Cleary she’s alienating lots of people.. what will it take for one of the people she calls a ‘friend’ to sit her down and tell her there are probably better outlets for her.

Can she join a support group for her disease and talk to fellow sufferers online? Maybe suggest it. Point out that she is expecting too much for every single post to be commented on.

 She is in a few online ones and two real life ones as well. Lots of the posts are shared ones from groups she is in.
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